How to Plan the Perfect Girls Weekend in Guayaquil?

How to Plan the Perfect Girls Weekend in Guayaquil?

Guayaquil is a large port city on the Guaya River that attracts a diverse spectrum of tourists all year. Among the numerous enticing things to do and see in Guayaquil, Ecuador, are a scenic esplanade promenade, museums, churches, parks, natural reserves, historic monuments, and neighboring beaches and resorts. You’ll have a fantastic time in Guayaquil at any time of year, whether you want to learn about Ecuadorian food and culture or relax on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Spirit Airlines Reservations visit the official site of spirit airlines and visit Guayaquil.

Boardwalk Near Guayas River

Because of its pedestrian promenade that stretches roughly one and a half miles down the Guayas River, this monument is the throbbing core of the city’s social and cultural life. The boardwalk is particularly intriguing because of the way it chronicles the course of local history. Restaurants and street food sellers and lovely gardens and docks for pleasure boats are all available.

San Francisco church

Both Roman Catholicism and Christianity have played significant roles in Guayaquil’s history. The magnificent San Francisco church and the contemporary Iglesia Episcopal del Ecuador cathedral, both reconstructed following a terrible fire in 1896, are among the most visited churches in the country. In addition, visit the brilliant white and gold Santo Domingo, also known as the Church of Saint Vincent, which was the city’s first church and was erected in 1548.

Guayaquil’s Guayaquil Historical Park

Guayaquil’s Historical Park is a multi-purpose public park split into three main parts located across the Daule River in the La Puntilla parish of Samborondón. The Wildlife Zone, the Urban Architectural Zone, and the Traditions Zone are the three zones. Touring the Guayaquil Historical Park is a great way to spend the day learning about the city’s history and the coastal region’s culture. The wildlife zone recreates the habitats of over 50 Ecuadorian endemic species, which visitors may explore through high pathways.

The Botanical Garden’s orchids

The Botanical Garden’s orchids, water, fountains, and hundreds of plants provide a nice reprieve from the hectic metropolis of Guayaquil. The Botanical Garden, located on Francisco de Orellana Avenue in the city’s northern Pascuales parish, is home to five hectares of fauna unique to the area. The Botanic Garden is home to 324 plant species, 73 bird species, and dozens of animal and fish species.

Las Penas

A visit here is, in many ways, a voyage through time. With its rustic charm and rich past, the neighborhood embodies the heart and spirit of Guayaquil. It is recognized locally as the city’s birthplace and has kept its colonial aspect due to narrow cobblestone streets and colorful buildings. It provides a live stroll through Guayaquil’s past as an Ecuadorian heritage site, with many original residences intact. With its numerous restaurants and pubs, it’s also a great location to chill.

Santa Ana Mountain

This hill is around 60 meters high and provides some of the most incredible panoramic views of the city. It is well-known in the area for its 440 stairs, which make a meandering path to the top while passing a slew of restaurants, cafés, art galleries, and artisan shops along the way. After climbing the hill and pausing along the route, you may see the iconic lighthouse, the Iglesia la Merced, and the Naval Museum.visit this Most beautiful Places. get a ticket now on Spirit airlines flight booking site .