Netflix for TV

With more than a billion downloads, this app is indeed the go to subscription service for movies and TV series. Once you download and open the app, with just a few clicks, you are easily able to setup your account. Each account allows you to have up to five profiles, so that each family member is able to have their own curated list of movies and TV shows to watch.

They also provide a wide range of payment options, such as Mobile, Basic and Premium, each offering a unique list of features, with differing number of devices and video qualities. And if you ever need to cancel your subscription temporarily, they also offer that option with just a few clicks, unlike other subscription services out there.

Once you have finished setting up your account, you enter a very user-friendly interface. You’ll see an amazing array of movies and TV series, categorized for your benefit into various genres such as drama, comedy and horror. 

Movies and TV shows

Netflix not only produces and lists its own creations, but it also provides a platform for many other creators and their well-loved classics, like the Truman Show or The Three Idiots. Of course, one can’t ignore their never-ending list of award-winning movies and TV shows, such as the Crown. 

Netflix also provides one with a wide range of content from many different parts of the world, helping one to broaden their knowledge and learn from other cultures, and in addition to this, it’s list of subtitles and audio options is impressive, allowing huge audiences to access movies or shows that were out of reach to them previously due to the language barrier.

Netflix allows you to watch a small preview of the show or movie you selected and then if you do choose to watch it, it curates a list of content specifically catered for your interests. This app has allowed us to enjoy content whenever and where ever we want, be it at home after a tiring day at work, alone or with friends, while commuting to work or school.  

The best thing that Netflix offers us, in my opinion is the option of downloading content, so that we can watch it in places where WIFI is unavailable, since Mobile data is either too expensive or unreliable, especially during harsh weather conditions. By allowing us this option Netflix has made it possible to “Netflix and Chill” even during the rainy days.

Finally, the Parental control option, which protects minors from accessing adult content, and the ad free uninterrupted watching experience is the cherry on top, that makes this a wholesome and family friendly app, to be enjoyed by everyone.

Download Netflix for Android TV and Fire TV

You can easily download this movies and TV shows app on your Android TV or Fire TV using Play Store, Amazon App store and etc. If you want free Movies, TV shows app for your TV box, you have to use app stores like FileSynced, AppLinked or UnLinked. Because those are the main and popular Android TV app stores that offers Movies and TV shows apps for free.

Those 3 platforms have multiple stores that are maintained by users all around the world. So, you may find all trending and latest free movies, tv shows, cartoon, sports and other content apps on those app stores.