Why choose Resell SEO services


“Search Engine Optimization,” SEO has been the buzzword for business success in the digital space. In other words, as the importance of virtual medium increases, the only tool to sustain the virtual competition is SEO. 

Therefore, all businesses small or big is seeking SEO service providers. In other words, most of the advertising agencies serving businesses have realized that they must add SEO services to their portfolio to stay relevant in the market. 

However, between this demand and supply, there is a gap. The gap is nothing but that agencies not being capable of offering SEO services. That’s where a reseller SEO company comes for your rescue.

Who is a reseller SEO company?

A reseller SEO company is a stand-alone agency, that offers all SEO services to agencies who in turn can sell to clients under their name. In other words, reseller SEO is a way of a partnership between an SEO agency and any other advertising or marketing agency wherein the SEO agency agrees to provide resell SEO services from the backend as the marketing agency can offer the services to clients in their name. 

Choosing reseller SEO Vs creating an SEO team

When agencies decide to offer SEO services, the one question that immediately pops up is whether to associate with an SEO agency or set up an SEO team?? So, here are is the comparison of both the situations for you to understand what to choose and why:

  1. Cost: If you wish to set up an inhouse SEO team then the cost incurred would be high as compared to hiring an SEO reseller. That’s because if you hire someone on board, or on rolls, the employee or the team must be paid every month no matter whether there is work or not. However, if you collaborate with an SEO reseller, you can define the terms and conditions as a retainer model or project basis.

  3. Skill: SEO services include a lot of things. Therefore, the team that offers SEO services must have a gamut of technical and creative skills to deliver impeccable SEO services. When you decided to set up a team by yourself, the responsibility of finding the right talent and the complete set of right talent stays on you. However, if you associate with an SEO reseller then the agency would already have a dedicated team for almost every aspect of SEO services.

  5. Quality of work: If you have an inhouse team, the responsibility of monitoring the quality of the work stays with you. However, if you associate with an SEO reseller agency, then the agency is responsible for impeccable service. Thus, as an agency, it gives you the freedom to focus on building more clients as you are sure that the service will be delivered. 

In addition to the above mentioned three key points, there are various other points that hiring an SEO reseller agency is anyway better than having an inhouse SEO team. Complementing this demand, there are many reseller SEO agencies out there from which you can choose.