Types of Printers

8 Different Types of Printers and Their Uses

Lots of different types of printers have arrived in the market. If you want to get a complete set of information regarding the range of printer types and their uses, then read out this post. One cannot deny the fact that printing technology has come such a long way.

Range and extensive types of printers have been launched so far.

Flexographic Printers:

The very first printer type we have for you is this flexographic printer type category! They work in a way like we have letterpress printers. In addition, these printers have the potential to print on metal, plastic, and also on cellophane, foil, and even on the paper and packaging materials.

Furthermore, these printers make use of a flexible kind of photopolymer printing plate. They remain compatible with lots of ink types and make use of those inks that come with low viscosity. Readers can check out this printersguy.com site because here you can read and go through more of the data on the printing niche.

Laser Printers:

Next, we have these laser printers that were launched way back in the time of the 1960s. These printers employ the concept of electrostatic digital printing. They repeatedly make use of a laser beam in a back and forth direction.

Moreover, these printers are known for giving high printing speeds. They are possessed with the element of a higher paper capacity as compared to using other traditional inkjet printers.

Solid Ink Printers:

Moving to the category of solid ink printers, they give you a wax-like feel. No doubt, these printers are known to save money and space. They use solid ink sticks and transfer that ink right onto a drum and then later onto paper. You will find these printers extremely and much environment-friendly.

LED Printers:

We have seen that LED printers have become the popular printer category so far. They were invented and launched by OKI in 1989. If you have used laser printers, then you will also love using these LED printers. The only difference lies in the fact that LED printers make use of light-emitting diodes and they do not use lasers for printing any kind of image.

Lots of people have found these LED printers quite and much more reliable. They are more and super-efficient than that of using laser printers. So, if you are looking for the cheaper and budget-friendly printer type, you can have LED printers.

Multifunctional Printers:

How about using these all-in-one printers? They are also given the name of multifunctional printers. In addition, these sorts of printers have the potential to print, fax, and photocopy and scan all kinds of stuff. They are marked and considered to be more efficient.

Instead of buying a separate device for scanning and photocopying, it is better to invest in a single printer type and that is none other than a multifunctional printer. Moreover, they consume less energy and perform various functions completely at the same time.

3D Printers:

The next printer category we have for our readers is this 3D printer type! It is one of the latest developments that we have seen in the printing industry. Most importantly, they are affordable and ideal to be used by both kinds of domestic and professional users.

If you have planned to invest in the modern 3D printers, then you will be able to print out actual 3D objects. Moreover, these printers use a substance known with the name of resin.

A3 Printers:

We know that many of you might be currently using A3 printers. These printers are only used and remain compatible with A3 sheets. If you count yourself as one of the professional users who belong to the printing industry, then this is an ideal printer type for you. It helps you in getting large prints. You can even produce the prints in other different ranges of sizes.

All-in-one Inkjets

The last printer type is this all-in-one inkjet printer type. You can see that this printer type shows the combination of using inkjet printer technology and also the multifunctional printing technology.

For an office environment, this is an ideal suggestion for you. Using such a printer, it will never and ever compromise the quality. Furthermore, these printers are known to be much power efficient. You can call them highly powerful printers and also low-cost printers.


We hope that readers have come to know about the major types of printers.

And we just hope that with the arrival of more and more technological advancements, further advanced printer types will be launched in the market.