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7 Things to Do in Manama that Are Full of Fun?

 Guys, which city are you heading for during this vacation?

If you have not seen Manama then spend some days within this antique city. You will not be bored of any of its sightseeing and acquire many interesting facts. This popular city is renowned for the biggest oil reserves and pearling economy and houses beautiful malls, historical mosques, and attractive nightlife spots, some great hotels, charming souqs, the famous craft market, and the National Theatre. 

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 Bahrain National Museum

The National Museum is the country’s most popular attraction which is housed in an impressive building floating on water. Visit this museum that displays an in-depth insight into Bahrain’s history. You will find a huge crowd inside this museum which has gained much popularity in recent years. Watch out for the artistic, archaeological artifacts, and cultural history of the country. The famous displays are exhibited in nine halls, including a Hall of Graves, one of Documents and Manuscripts, Traditional Trades and Crafts, and many other artworks.

Bahrain National Theatre

Bahrain national theatre is located near the National Museum and after the Cairo and Muscat Opera, this theatre is the third-largest theatre in the Middle East. Visit this theatre that exhibits another famous architecture work. Hop into the theatre to learn interesting facts related to this theatre and watch out for all unique designs owning its inauguration, the curvaceous interior of the auditorium, local tradition, and the interwoven aluminum strips in the roof and the rivaling old-fashioned homes. This theatre is symbolic of the sea to the number of seat success shows 1001. Which is a tribute to The Thousand and One Nights.

Qala’at al-Bahrain

Qalaat al-Bahrain was originally built to defend their outposts in the Gulf by the Portuguese which is located 4 km from Manama. Visit this place housing the Bahrain Fort area which is now a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will be astonished to learn that this fort was once the capital of the ancient Dilmun civilization. This fort stood bystander as a commerce center to Bahrain’s role. Visit this place during the afternoon to explore the artifacts, excavation sites, and ruins.

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Al Fatih Grand Mosque 

Al Fateh Grand Mosque is one of Bahrain’s largest mosques and in the world. This mosque is famous for accommodating 7000 worshippers at a time, covered by the world’s largest fiberglass dome. Explore this mosque and its amazing construction materials which were bought worldwide and stunning carved done by local craftsmen including from across the world, including India. You will be mesmerized by the fine calligraphy inscriptions present on the walls of the mosque. While visiting the mosque, wear religiously and shorts are explicitly prohibited. 

Tree of Life 

The tree of life is also known as Mountain of Smoke for Arabic which was named for the haze surrounding it. You will find this amazing spot on the Jebel Al Dukhan hill. You will be amazed to learn that Bahrain was once the Garden of Eden. This tree is all preserved in the Garden of Eden and is nestled in the middle of the desert, present here for 400 years now. Watch out for the main source of its water supply which is still unknown. 

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Riffa used to be the largest city in the country which is located in the heart of Bahrain. This place was being appropriated by its big brother Manama. Visit this town area full of ancient sights and old-world character. You will find this town an enthralling one as the great Riffa Fort is found here only. Watch this amazing monument packed with crenulated bulwarks and the famous antique courtrooms.


Juffair is the Amwaj Islands that are an archipelago off the coast of Bahrain visit these stunning islands that are made from 100% reclaimed land and offer various spectacular whitewashed towers around and many luxury apartments. You will find many rich people yachts dipping on the private jetties. There are some of the best beaches in Bahrain here. If you visit this area then don’t forget to miss the famous enclaves around Tala Island featuring pristine sands and azure lagoons.

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So guys, how do you find the city of Bahrain? Isn’t it interesting to tour within the most populated and one of the most spectacular places in the Middle east?

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