Straps for Smartphones

Here You can get details review of few phone strap, Let’s checkout:

Lanyard Strap

The world is your little hobo. Lanyard Strap makes this transformation a little easier. As soon as you’re done with your Apple Watch you can hang it on a lanyard and carry your smartwatch everywhere, even without your phone. Move around. Walk it off. Get sweaty.


Hand Strap

A simple wrist strap will keep your hands from accidentally activating the phone’s camera. Some smartphones even come with a headset built in. If yours doesn’t, consider a Bluetooth headset with a mic so you can take calls. Alternatively, you can just buy a nice pair of wireless headphones that have a microphone and function just like a headphone cord would. For example, Apple’s AirPods use Bluetooth technology to pick up audio. While it isn’t ideal, you can use them for voice calls, or you can connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker to receive calls through a headset when you’re on the go. Smartwatches If your smartphone doesn’t offer a way to interact with a wearable, that’s okay!


Shoulder or Wrist Strap

Wearing a wrist or shoulder strap means your phone is secured but you can still reach it for specific functions and to make or receive phone calls. Plus, straps are easier to clean. If you go the wrist strap route, make sure the unit doesn’t fall off your wrist. Location Tracking, I know it’s possible to easily track your phone on a map in Google Maps or Apple Maps, but the real-time location service (RTLS) is more accurate. However, it’s probably not necessary to track your phone with a watch every day. Connected Accessories Aesthetically speaking, an Apple Watch doesn’t appeal to everyone. If you can’t afford an Apple Watch, consider some of the other connected accessories, such as Bluetooth speakers and fitness trackers.



Wristbands are worn by runners, cyclists, swimmers, and every other person who exercises. They usually have a replaceable battery and are designed to move with the body. Though they’re not intended to be used on wrists, bracelets are a good option for those who want to record their movement. If you want to protect your wrists, consider using a bracelet with a padded compartment or you can also get wristlets with straps to hold your phone in place. Did you know that your iPhone is waterproof? That means that you can record video and photos underwater. If you’re using a waterproof camera that’s the case. If you’re not and don’t want to risk cracking the screen, choose a camera with a waterproof case, like the one the Aquaris X5 Pro 4G Xbook Pro.