Turtle Beach Wireless Headsets

Top 5 Turtle Beach Wireless Headsets For Samsung Smart TV in 2021

Top 5 Turtle Beach Wireless Headsets For Samsung Smart TV in 2021
Top 5 Turtle Beach Wireless Headsets For Samsung Smart TV in 2021

A wide range of Turtle Beach Wireless Headsets’ models provides the best audio experience when paired with Samsung smart TV. All of these models tend to have some common features such as Bluetooth technology, removable mic boom, and active noise canceling. They all fall in different price categories with the slightest of advantages over the others.

Let us restrict our discussion to the five of these headsets and describe their unique points:

1) Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2:

These Turtle Beach Wireless Headsets have complete compatibility with the Samsung smart TV and other devices like Xbox, PS 4, and PC. They are more of a gaming headset designed in collaboration with the E-sports team. The gel-infused memory foam ear cups are sized accurately and work efficiently to keep the outside noise from entering the ears.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

They have a TruSpeak mic with ideal mic monitoring that makes your voice appear purer to the listeners. They pair up with the Samsung smart TV through Bluetooth technology to let you listen to the music of your choice. Although they are partially expensive, they provide you with the best gaming experience you ever had on a smart TV. They also appear a bit bulky to wear on your head but make sure the provision of total comfort during use.

2) Turtle Beach Stealth 300:

If you want a better sound profile on a budget, nothing is better than to have these earpieces from VXI wireless headsets. The amps of these earpieces need to be charged sufficiently if you want them to function properly. They can be a real pain when you have not charged them up.

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Turtle Beach Stealth 300

But, on the positive side, they have an extended battery life of almost 40 hours to enjoy your games and movies. When it comes to their design, it is super comfortable that does not put pressure over the head or on the ears. They are also a good choice if you wear glasses. This is because they do not make you suffer from eyeglasses slowly fusing the skull.

3) Turtle Beach Recon 500:

People tend to make certain tradeoffs by imposing some budgetary constraints on themselves. Yet, they look for extraneous product quality with amazing features. Turtle Beach Recon 500 is a special headset model that has a fine build quality and costs very little. The most attractive feature is its high-quality sound that takes the listeners to a new world of experiences.

Turtle Beach Recon 500

It has new dual drivers that provide zero distortion in the sound of games, music, and videos. It is made from athletic weave memory foam materials. These materials make it totally breathable, durable, and it also feels lightweight over the ears. The headband is made from the finest quality of metal, but it is comfy and easy to wear. Plantronics wireless headsets also have this model of turtle beach in their portfolio.

4) Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Headset:

This model of wireless headsets falls in a low-price range. But, it provides more value than its price point in every way that matters to the listeners. It comes with a glasses relief system to enhance the experience of users who wear glasses.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Headset

Ear cushions are made from the smooth athletic fabric along with memory foams. These materials make the design totally sturdy and easy to wear, and more importantly, provide passive noise isolation. The Elite Atlas’s mic is detachable, and its high-tech construction makes sure that your commands are heard loud and clear.

5) Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2:

These well-made Bluetooth over-ears are the best so far to pair with your Samsung smart TV. They come with a 16.6 hours long battery life that is perfectly good for extensive gaming sessions. The special feature of the V-shaped sound profile revolutionizes your listening experience during the heart-pumping scenes.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2

Having large drivers sound great and allows you to fine-tune the audio as per your interests. The control keys are placed on only one ear cup that is expertly sized and well-spaced. The only drawback of these headsets is that they have poor noise isolation. They may even leak a sound coming from the TV that could be embarrassing when you are in a crowded place.

Final Words:

Turtle Beach wireless headsets come with unique active features that set them apart from conventional headsets. All of the models mentioned above are excessively being used for Samsung smart TV this year. FindHeadsets offers all of these special turtle beach wireless devices at a decent, affordable rate.

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