Athens International Airport

5 Essential Tips for Travelers to Navigate Athens International Airport

Athens International Airport is a lengthy platform to find your suitable flight at the right time. It could be confusing to figure out where to head next if you have no idea about the signs. Athens airport is a passenger-friendly airport, where you don’t have to worry much. You will get the indoor and outdoor navigating guideline facilities to follow, leading you to your destination. 

However, the following tips are helpful for travellers to navigate Athens International Airport for the first time.

Follow the Signs: if you are leaving or landing at the Athens airport, the first thing you should do is to get your luggage. Therefore, go to the baggage section, get all your luggage, and straight up to the next destination. Sometimes, over-crowd may lead you to the various transportation connections, even when you don’t want to.

Therefore, you must follow the signs. Please read them carefully where it leads and step into the right area of this long airport.

Get Your Line: You must stay at the right line that you belong. If you are from the US, you will be in the “non-EU” line. Most passengers at the Athens airport are from the Schengen nation or the EU. 

Finding the correct line will help you process the visa without a mess. And once again, follow the signs appropriately. 

Use the Layover Period: If you have plenty of time during the layover, you can do some exciting things to spend the time. The airport facilities are convenient to make your time special, such as shopping from the duty-free shops and eating at the airport restaurants. Besides, you can spend quality time at the airport lounges. 

There are art galleries and museum pieces displayed outside the airport terminal, which can be your media to spend time on.You can also leave the airport if you get more than enough time to explore nearby places. But in that case, be specific with timing and coming back to the airport on time.

Stay Nearby: It may seem you have plenty of time during the layover period, but managing the time could be pretty tricky. Therefore, you must stay nearby the airport. Consider using shuttle services if you can because it’s much more convenient. 

It’s better to roam nearby the airport or have sightseeing by discussing a local guide from the airport. 

Get the Most Convenient Transport: Finding suitable transport after landing at the airport becomes one of the most struggling parts. You have to look for a quality, safe, fast, and convenient transport system to choose from. 

Most people prefer picking a taxi from the airport. But if you are concerned with safety, take the shuttle service from the airport that will take you to your destination or the hotel. Plus, you can take metro or bus services. But in that case, managing loads of luggage could be challenging.