How to Find Best Digital Banking?

The usage of mobile banking has considerably simplified smartphone technology’s everyday business operation – allowing corporate accounts to connect to your business bank by utilising a smartphone. The mobile banking alternatives offered by your business bank offer several benefits for firms of all sizes. Today, the gadget you want may add more payment choices and do more. 

Check Deposit 

This technique for payment is ideal for companies with road workers. For fast deposit into your corporate account, service professionals will snapshot a client check photo. Depositing paper checks using mobile banking technology swiftly transfers more money and reduces payment collection costs to companies. When services or products are supplied, your firm gets paid on net 30 days. A mobile banking account is the name of business convenience. 

Transactions using Credit and Debit Card 

The credit and debit card transactions are both named “Remote Capture Payment” or “Remote Capture Deposit.” Payment using a credit or debit card needs an electronic signature and a swipe. Again, no further deposits are waiting. The payment is sent to your company’s account online faster than the customer’s account. 

Check Balances of Account 

Just log in to your dashboard for your smart phone accounts to check all company balance sheets quickly. Do you need further information? Virtually all information on your company’s

account is kept securely by your bank for inspection. Another mobile banking advantage? Use your mobile phone to bank on your schedule. Improve productivity and achieve more if you have time to access books via mobile banking. 

Pictures Check 

You may examine pictures of deposited and cleared paper checks in just a click to ensure precise accountability of business balances. You may configure your remote payment and deposit system for seeing paper checks deposited by any of your staff, such as the whole sales staff, the service crew, or the company’s booth managers. Furthermore, you may see the entire photo of the checks placed and credited to your business account – wherever and whenever you go. 

Check your Business 

Our mobile website also considerably simplifies our transaction reviews – a benefit while you’re away from the office. Review the cleared and pending deposits and payments. Approve anywhere payments and always be on time. Mobile banking streamlines financial services for companies, whether paying bills or collecting customer and consumer payments. 

Move money among accounts 

The desktop computer isn’t attached to you anymore. For your laptop or tablet, you need not discover a Wi-Fi hot spot. You may access and transfer funds across your accounts using your mobile phone. Hold on to the interest-carrying account’s additional cash till the final minute. 

Get a Banking App Start 

The use of an application simplifies mobile banking. Ask your banker how to download the application for your bank. If you do, your smartphone screen will display a bank icon. Tap it, sign in, and do some banking. With a banking app (app), all your mobile banking may be performed quicker and easier, while you collect or pay from anywhere in the service area.


Whether you are a sole owner or a multinational corporation, Mashreq as the first digital bank in UAE for all types of business is ready to assist.