stroller maintenance

The ultimate stroller maintenance guide

Let’s be honest; no mother has the time to think about tuning up her baby’s stroller. Though, one has to cater to these issues if they’re any emergencies. Strollers are pricey but totally worth it investment that you would want to hold onto through multiple kids. But just like other vehicles, they need their fair share of monthly maintenance to withstand rough use with kids. 

What stroller you choose is a decision entirely personal. Some parents prefer having a stroller facing the baby, while others like a more oversized storage compartment. 

Genius inventions like the Wonderfold stroller wagon have recently gained popularity amongst parents with kids of close ages. The wagon is designed to seat up to 4 kids at once and is perfect for toddlers and infants. 

There are various models with a different number of seats. The Wonderfold wagon 2 seater, for instance, is meant to host two kids at once. 

So, where to start and what to do? Roll up your selves because this is the ultimate guide to keeping your stroller in tip-top shape.

Basic care rules

These are specific rules that are either obvious, or you just learn them the hard way.

Using the brakes

You know to use them on a car. Always keep the stroller brakes down when it is not in use or is standing idle.

Overloading the stroller

Your pram has a specific capacity. You know better than dumping a million things on top of the stroller. It affects the balance of the stroller. Too much weight might also result in a broken part.

Keep away from heat

Most prams compromise many plastic pieces. Leaving it in the sun for too long, especially when it’s not in use, might result in the fabric colours fading or the plastic weakening. This will affect the durability of the stroller. It is also recommended not to leave it in the car on hot days. 

Folding the pram

Some strollers like the Wonderfold wagon w2 double folding stroller wagon specialise in folding to take as minimal space as possible. If it’s not folding down when you’re pressing the supposed correct button, you’re doing it wrong. No, the folding mechanism of a stroller is not made for force and is generally very smooth. So do not use excessive force while closing your pram. 

Now since we got that out of the way, let’s talk hygiene. Kids are the nemesis of cleanliness. Strollers are home to their toys. Kids make messes everywhere, and even their stroller is no exception for being subject to brutal use. 

How to clean your stroller

Always start by dusting off the crumbs. It is best to turn your stroller upside down and shake it to get rid of the dirt. Using a brush or even a vacuum will help you get into the nooks and crannies. 

Some strollers come with removable fabric bassinets; however, this is a rare phenomenon. However, most of these parts come with specific instructions to not be machine-washed. 

Most strollers do not come with removable parts, but whatever can be removed should be washed when removed. The parts that cannot be removed can be cleaned with a mild detergent solution and wet cloth. Leave out to dry in a well ventilated, shaded area.

There are specific rules for products you may use to clean as well. For example, avoid using harsh detergents or bleaches. Even alcohol can lead to discolouration of the fabric.

Pro tip

If you have older kids, you can present washing the stroller as a car wash game. Kids will love playing around with the suds in order to complete the job. A win for mom!

Tuning up the wheels

It’s always the wheels with the most functionality problems for mothers. Sometimes they’re too stubborn or wobbly or squeak too much. But, 9 out of 10 times, the problem is friction between the parts. Luckily, there are easy fixes for this. 

The first step is to remove the wheel and remove any trapped dirt that might hinder its performance. You have the option to wash the wheel and let it out to dry; however, that is not recommended because it can cause damage to the wheel.

Once that’s done, a handy WD-40 should do the trick. However, you have the option of using a white grease spray or grease. Do not use these sprays on the tire parts, as some plastics can react to the lubricants and result in more awkward squeaking noises.

What to look out for

The best way to monitor your stroller’s condition is a visual check. Look out for the following signs of distress:


Fading is an immediate sign your stroller has seen better days. An online hunt with your stroller’s model is the best way to find replacement upholsteries.


Rusting is something that comes inevitably with the age of the stroller. Unfortunately, it means your stroller’s life is coming to an end. Rust removers can extend the limited life but always make sure to coat with lacquer to prevent more rust. 


You now know how to take care of your stroller like a boss. Keep all these tips in mind, and your stroller will be your companion for multiple kids.

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