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Three Underrated Digital Marketing Tactics Marketers Should Know

The discourse in digital marketing is largely encapsulated by mainstream techniques such as SEO, SEM, social media, and so on. Most campaigns, in fact, depend on such primary techniques for overall success.

While mainstream digital marketing tactics are important, they do not alone represent the entirety of the field. Other methods are also very effective and often add greater potency to a campaign. Furthermore, unique tactics help campaigns gain an edge over competing parties that seek to optimize their own efforts.

In many digital marketing courses, the spotlight is on primary topics of learning such as SEO, SEM, content marketing, SMO, SMM, and so on. Other methods such as email marketing are taught, but they are not given as much attention as the others. Institutes like do lay key emphasis on teaching students all necessary internet marketing techniques, whether they are popular or not.

For a student thinking about taking up a digital marketing course in Delhi or any other part of the country, the first step should be to analyze the curriculum and check whether a wide range of tactics is covered.

In this article, we discuss areas and techniques which are underrated in digital marketing.

Data Analytics

A key part of most digital marketing campaigns lies in understanding the things that are going wrong. This can be accomplished with the help of data analytics.

Through data analytics, marketers can access different sets of information relating to a given digital marketing campaign. With this information, they can infer the success or failure of any number of digital marketing practices being deployed in a campaign.

Thus, every digital marketing team should have one or an entire team of data analytics professionals with a keen sense of numbers and the ability to make accurate conclusions from raw data. There a number of platforms from which a digital marketing team can draw data such as Google Analytics, Search Console, and so on.

Audio Marketing

Podcasts have become a rage in the west, as have audiobooks. There is a renaissance of many audio-based products that were otherwise deemed too archaic in a video age.

Many marketers are yet to incorporate audio content into their outreach strategy. While video marketing is being implemented, audio still lags as companies are reluctant to divert resources to another medium.

Since audio marketing is still a relatively new medium, it can be used by small businesses to reach a larger portion of the target audience as bigger brands are yet to capitalize on its reach.

Email Marketing

Though not entirely ignored, email marketing is still a relatively less used digital marketing technique. This is because social media is generally considered a better version of email.

In reality, both email and social media occupy their own different domains in the eyes of normal audiences. This is why email marketing continues to deliver on a purely objective level. Campaigns that seek to reach their customers across all possible channels should consider the effective use of email marketing.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three underrated digital marketing techniques that should be considered by digital marketers during a campaign.

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