apostille attestation
apostille attestation

Know all about apostille in India!

When you are thinking of moving to a foreign land and started your visa process, you might have come across the term apostille attestation and wondering what it is? Well, you are in luck today as we are going to cover everything possible in this article today and after reading this, you will be well aware of this term and your process of moving to another country will become much smoother with this information.

What is an apostille?

If we are going with the dictionary meaning of this word, then it simply means certification. When you are going to move to another country, you need to legalize your documents from the country that you are currently part of. This is going to make sure that you have authentic documents and there is credibility to your documents. An apostille stamp is being obtained from the authority when all your documents are fine and authentic.

What is apostille attestation?

It is a known way of attesting the documents so that they are legalized and can be used when you are going to go to a foreign country for various purposes. It is accepted in more than 116 countries worldwide and when you have this attestation, you are going to have authentic proof of your identity and face no issues in your process of moving from one country to another.

When it is required?

There are various reasons for which you have to go for apostille documents. If you are planning for employment in another country, then you need to have your documents attested. A student going for further studies is also required to submit these documents and have them attested for apostille. These attested documents are very much required for your visa for these purposes. Even if you are going to start a new business in any other country, having attested apostille documents is required. This is going to make sure that things are done in an authentic way in the country.

Apostille in India

Now if come to India, in India, the ministry of external affairs issues this sticker on the document that contains the personal information of the applicant and makes sure that the documents are authentic and correct. The validity of that sticker is 6 months in India. As the number of citizens going abroad is increasing with time, India has adopted every measure to ensure its economic development which can be boosted with this trade. These documents are required for employment visas, student visas, or any other business transactions that are being done with the foreign country.

So, if you have a plan of moving abroad, you should make yourself aware of these procedures. There are services that are available online as well. They are more accessible to the offline ones and the process will be one quickly as compared. Make sure that you have all the documents ready with yourself so that when you are going for your visa application, you do not face any issues at that time.