Vaping industry, in the beginning, was stagnant, and people were uncertain about using vapes. With the passage of time, the knowledge about vaping increased, and so did the number of vapers. With this surge came diversity, and different kinds of vaping devices were introduced. Now there are some vapers who prefer throat hit over everything else, some prefer the flavour, while some love to chase clouds. If you are the kind of vaper who love puffing out massive clouds like famous vapers on Instagram and YouTube but don’t know how to do it, don’t worry. This blog is a guide that will teach you the technique to flex your cloud chasing skills by exhaling dense clouds.

Increase the Power of your vape

If you don’t want your vapour to be like the steam of a hot coffee and much like the steam of a locomotive, then you need power like that. By increasing the power of your vape, you can blow large fumes. The reason behind this is the fact that higher power allows for quicker healing of the e-liquid and thus more e-juice is consumed and turned into vapours. Consequently, you will have huge vapours. The popular trend of sub-ohm vaping is famous for intense flavours and monstrous fumes. These sub-ohm vapes have a high wattage and low resistance, which is lesser than 1 ohm. The low resistance allows more power to pass through the coil and heat up swiftly to transform e-liquid into vapours. It does not create more vapours, instead; it fastens the consumption of e-juice, thus more liquid is used in an inhale and is turned into vapours on the exhale.

Choosing the right e-juice

The selection of the e-juice that you are using plays an important part in determining the size of the clouds you are producing. There are two prime ingredients in all e-liquids; propylene glycol or PG and vegetable glycerin VG. Both of these elements have different functions, and their concentration defines the direction for e-juice. PG is responsible for the throat hit and the flavour, while VG is responsible for vapours. Now you know what you need for greater vapour. Since e-liquids are a blend of VG and PG, you need to choose the ones which have a greater VG for better clouds. For instance, e-liquids like the Big Tasty Exotic series which have 70% VG to 30% PG blend produce more vapours as compared to juices which have a lower percentage of VG. The higher VG does not mean that you have to compromise on flavours. All you have to give up is the throat hit because you are choosing thicker vapours over it. In terms of flavours, high VG blends are used in high power vapes that consume e-liquid quicker than usual vapes. So once you take a puff, you will inhale more liquid in lesser time, which will definitely give a better taste. So you can either choose more vapours or a greater throat hit, flavour remains unaffected.

Increased Air Flow

Airflow is a subtle but decisive factor in creating thicker clouds. You need to increase the airflow of your vape if you want to chase clouds. You need high power vapes for bigger fumes, and this power can become a nuisance by heating your vape and the vapour so much that it becomes uncomfortable. In order to avoid getting to that point, having good airflow is crucial. It will not only cool down your vapour so you can inhale it easily, but it will also ensure that your wick does not get burnt early by cooling down your coil from time to time. Increased airflow also cools down the vapour so it condenses more swiftly, thus acquiring a thick, more dense, cloudy appearance. It is backyard science and is the same phenomenon that works with water vapour becoming clouds. It also keeps the cycle in-process and ensures that old clouds are replaced by newer ones.

In the end, it all comes down to your choices. If you don’t like DTL vaping and love a stronger throat hit, you will need to compromise on the clouds but if clouds are what you chase, then you sure need to get a high power device like sub-ohm tanks, high VG vape juice like Big Tasty Exotic series and you also need to assure a constant and increased airflow. Make sure everything is in place, and then you can enjoy puffing out thick clouds as you like.