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Five Do’s and Don’ts of Starting Used Car Business in Dubai

If you’re making plans to launch a used car business, right here are a few do’s and don’ts while beginning a used vehicle enterprise in Dubai.

According to statistical data compiled through the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai has 540 motors consistent with 1,000 people. It is the very best within side the GCC vicinity and one of the maximum within side the world. As Dubai maintains to experience a surge in populace within side the lead as much as Expo2020, used vehicle sales will develop in view that new motors have higher

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Know the Audience for Used Car Business

An important thing of understanding what types of motors to promote is to apprehend the demand within side the market. Based on an evaluation of hundreds of used motors indexed at the platform, the Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord, and Nissan Altima have been the most famous.

Don’t attempt to push manufacturers that are not famous or widely known in the market. We frequently stumble upon used vehicle sales corporations that attempt to replicate the inventories which are famous in their domestic market. If you make a decision to go this route, you’ll become selling to a spot market.

Know the Optimal Price Point

In terms of fee distribution of used motors within side the market, sixty-one percentage of the motors indexed on Dubizzle Motors last 12 months have been for much less than AED 60,000, 20 percent have been among AED 60,000-119,999, and 8 percentage among AED 120,000-179,999. Contrary to popular opinion, expats frequently choose a cost-effective car while shopping from used vehicle corporations.

Don’t get swept up inside the notion that the street to fortune lies through promoting high-quit premium manufacturers. The premium emblem area is saturated through well-established dealerships. The consumers can come up with the money to pay a top class for the peace of thought that incorporates huge warranties that the one’s dealerships provide.

Right Sales Staff 

People purchase motors most effectively once they experience comfort with the sales staff. It’s the sales staff and customer support that convinces humans to choose one dealership over another. Also, in recent times costs may be effortless as compared online. Hire a team of workers that supply a fantastic purchaser to differentiate you from the competitors.

Don’t make the mistake of dealerships that most effectively rent from one nationality group. You want to have numerous groups that may talk in a multitude of languages. And, who will cater to local cultural sensitivities? Also, make certain that your complete crew has a united recognition of first-rate customer care.

Marketing through Variety of Techniques

Used vehicle dealerships have historically used newspaper and print courses to put it on the market in their inventory. A few have positioned their stock online or have marketed on neighborhood vehicle promoting sites. While those strategies nevertheless work, it’s essential to differentiate yourself from the opposition through the use of a numerous set of equipment to draw customers that use current equipment of communication.

Don’t completely depend on famous techniques to set up your call within side the marketplace. Use content advertising to focus on satisfied customers through stories and case studies. Harness the power of centered social media commercials to hosting occasions within side the network to bring in new customers. The key detail is not to observe blindly what anyone else is doing.

Don’t Limit Yourself to the UAE Market

It is widely known among the used vehicle sector that there are seasonal elements to vehicle sales in the UAE. The summer months wherein expats move on an excursion and the holiday season in December have a tendency to be slow. What do you do when you are sitting on stock that is depreciating for your lot?

The solution lies in promoting motors to wholesale consumers in local markets. South Asia and East Africa are famous locations for motors from the UAE. There has even been a growth in vehicle exports to CIS and Eastern European states as well. It takes time to set up contacts in foreign markets; however, with perseverance and a strong income motivation, those offers may be worthwhile for anyone involved.


In conclusion, at the same time as there are probably a few pitfalls to launching a used vehicle dealership in Dubai, the advantages some distance exceed them, and this is why each 12 months marketers from around the world determine to release a used vehicle enterprise in Dubai. If you want a few crucial pieces of advice, search Business setup consultants in Dubai.

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