recruitment process

7 steps in recruitment process

Recruiting is a vital part of every company. Every recruiter needs a proper process to find out the best candidate for any specific post. So, 7 steps in recruiting process are mandatory to complete the cycle. There are still many recruiters who go manually to source the applicants. But you know, there’s maybe automated recruiting software that is being used for recruiting process and other management.

jobdesk® is such a recruiting platform that ensures all the recruiting procedures automatically. Many companies, recruiters, professionals, HR managers are using jobdesk® to make a good collaboration with their employees and to complete their recruiting job. Let’s get the points that are mandatory in a recruiting process:


7 steps in the recruitment process

Here is the list of steps that you need to follow:

Preparation to find the ideal applicant

Whatever you need to do is make a profile of an ideal candidate that can be easy for you to find the best one for your job. If you don’t do it, it will be like the post and pray-type subject. You need to find out the skillsets that are needed for your candidate. Besides, design your job post in a way that will attract the best applicants. So, jobdesk® provides some unique templates that can be helpful for you.



However, any modern applicants tracking system can be more relaxing in the recruiting process. If you want to track all the applicants precisely, you need to go for recruiting software that can maintain your process and workflow. Besides, it’ll reduce your stress and match the most qualified candidate from its database.



After a job post, you need insight into the analytics of how the applicants are reacting to your post. If there is no fallout, you can scan the best one from the resources. According to my experience, good recruiting software converts applicants more than 30%.


Selecting candidates

Now it’s time to screen the candidate profiles. You should set your expectation level and describe the process to the candidates you speak with. Here a recruiting software eases your duty. If you have one, you just need to sit for an interview and other procedures are automated in this system. From screening to recruiting, you don’t need to waste your time here and focus on other sides.


Interview process

In this step, you need to focus on convenient scheduling to get back to other candidates. Manual implementation can be time-consuming to send email to every selected candidate to fix the interview date. But automation can be fruitful to send an email for qualification or disqualification.


Reference check

It’s a common cause in the interview process. If someone has references and fails to pass the conditions, you need to back up your bench for further screening.



However, this step is also very important and often people overlook this process. The selected candidates should be trained properly and let them sign the papers electronically from HR.


Final Words

At the end, recruiting process is vital but proper management can be fruitful to accelerate it and also to find the best candidate for a company. In this regard, recruiting software can be an easy solution like jobdesk®