In this new generation, everyone loves to own or get to ride a car that is purely branded. Powered with core performance upgrades for a boosted ride and mileage that suits the pocket. Audi is liked by millions of people around the world for its agile performance, compatibility, interior design and 

For the first time ever, AUDI AG finished 2020 with the most successful quarter-year in terms of cars delivered: between October and December, the firm delivered 505,583 cars to its customers – more than half a million in a quarter.

Even though many owners and enthusiasts know the ins and outs of Audi, yet few upgrades are to be considered on improving the performance of the car, which are unknown to most but not told by the car dealers. 

Keep a good set of tires for your car

After owning the car, it has to be ridden whether be for long drives or trips, or for a short drive, to know how it is performed in the long term. To make your car look brand new for a long time, it is good that you make sure the tires are fresh and brand new too. The perfect set of tires on your car will create a great difference in its look. 

Another great fact about upgrading your tires is that it will make your car run for a longer period and the bad ones can make your effort more up and will catch you frequently. If the quality of the tire is good, then you don’t have to spend time changing it around. 

Upgrading the car as a whole is not a problem, but make sure the tires are set as it is the only part of the car that touches the road from the place you start till the destination you drive. 

Style the Handle of the doors

Youngsters of this generation love to style up their doors of the cars to the trends and modes of the cars when changed. Some of them have their ideas in making their cars look different from that of others. 

Even a decade ago or two, we used to turn the windows down by turning it by rotating the handle, but now it is just a press down and up button to close and open the window, which is easy and comfortable, without much pressure and smooth. 

Having this, upgrading it will make your car safe. 

Make your music with just a touch or remote

No one loves to hear music or listen to the news on the radio while driving, which helps them in getting entertained and out of boredom when having to drive alone for a long time.

 In older cars, it was to press a button or tune the button or turn the button to change from one channel to another, where we at times lose concentration while driving. 

But thanks to the latest technology, Audi has the technology to help you keep entertained, by either changing with a touch, or by using a remote or just a button on your steering if you want to change them at any time while driving, without having to lose your concentration on driving.

Your wheel needs great Sway Bars

If you want your wheel to run faster and smoothly, it is better to make sure you upgrade your sway bars. At any point in time, when you give your Audi for service at the Audi repair service centre, make sure you ask them for servicing your sway bars or if they have any spare of it or to check on them. 

Some service centres will not do it until you tell them about it. Sway bars, as you know, are a vital part of protecting your wheel and helping them in turning whenever you make a turn on the road. They are at the front, as most of the cars have their engines at the front. 

In most cases, most of the four-wheel drive, the front being a little heavy, there are issues in understeering and the solution to this is installing the sway bars on the back which naturally balances the issue. 

Air Intake Up-gradation

We all know that an engine needs fuel to run for a long road or short, no matter the distance. If you want the car to run as long as you drive, the fuel is its water and energy to run. But most of us are unaware that they also need a certain amount of air too to function. 

The best solution is to upgrade the air intake systems to get the best performance for your car and also your engine to function well.  Always make sure that your rear diffusers are upgraded.

You will feel bad when you buy the car and on the same day, you have got a hit on the back of your car or even a scratch. It is more surprising to know that most of the spoilers can make your drags go up, making your driving experience bad to worse, and even spoiling the rest of your day.. 

Every month or year, you must sign up for an Audi routine maintenance & service for your car, and make sure you tell them about looking on and upgrading your rear diffuser for better performance.  

Smart and upgraded headlights

Every car’s look and lights are different from one or the other. In this 21st century, there are many Audi lovers, who love to change the style of their headlights and also the colour. They can be customized depending on customer satisfaction. 

Take away

Always make sure you give your Audi a great repair, based on the kilometres at the first service or road trips or for getting better performance over a long period. 

A periodical Audi service is very important to maintain this costly beast as it will push itself to great performance both for long and short trips.