Khang Dien

Overview of the investor Khang Dien

Khang Dien Company in District 9 is a reputable and quality real estate company

Khang Dien House Trading and Investment Company Limited is the full name of the investor. The company was established in December 2001 and operates mainly in the field of real estate business, land use rights of owners, users or tenants.

The head office of Khang Dien Group is located at rooms 1 and 2, 11th floor of Saigon Center Building, 67 Le Loi, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

The development of Khang Dien since its establishment until now

In 2007, Khang Dien Group decided to transform its operating model from a limited liability company into a joint stock company, increasing its charter capital from 216 billion dong to 332 billion dong. And only lasted for 3 more years in 2010 Khang Dien House Company listed its shares officially on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange with the stock code KDH. Increased charter capital from 332 billion VND to 439 billion VND

In 2013, officially opened for sale 2 adjacent villa projects: Hoja Villa garden and Khang Dien Mega Residence connected housing project in District 9.

2014: Announced the sale of Mega Ruby project in District 9 and sold out all products to form a prosperous residential area of ​​more than 10 hectares in the area. This helps Khang Dien company raise its charter capital to 750 billion dong. And after only one year in 2015, the charter capital has increased to 1,800 billion VND. After that, the company started selling the townhouses and villas projects of Mega Village, MeLosa, and Lucasta.

Not stopping there, from 2018 to 2020, the company’s charter capital has increased to VND 4,140 billion. At the same time, the company also completed the merger of Khang Phuc House, marking an important milestone in the development strategy.

Key leadership.

For Khang Dien Project in District 9 to grow stronger and have a firm foothold as it is today, it is impossible not to mention the great merits of the board of directors and members and employees of the company. In particular, the core staff includes: Chairman of the Board of Directors Ms. Mai Tran Thanh Trang, Mr. Ly Dien Son Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. The person who holds the position of General Director is Ms. Ngo Thi Mai Chi. Together with two deputy general directors, Mr. Le Hoang Son and Mr. Truong Minh Duy.

Khang Dien Board of Directors

2 leading leaders of Khang Dien company

Member companies of Khang Dien

Currently, Khang Dien House owns a total of 18 Subsidiaries, of which KDH’s Subsidiaries are divided into 2 groups.

The first is the group that owns over 98% of the capital, including 17 subsidiaries

Green Space Investment & Business Co., Ltd., Vila Joint Stock Company, Viet Huu Phu Joint Stock Company, Song Lap Real Estate Investment & Trading Co., Ltd., Kim Phat Real Estate Investment & Business Co., Ltd., Investment & Business Co., Ltd. Binh Trung Real Estate, Tri Minh Real Estate Investment & Trading Co., Ltd, Thap Muoi House Trading & Service Company, Spring Saigon Real Estate Trading Joint Stock Company, Me Ga Urban Company Limited, International Consulting Investment Company Limited , Sapphire Real Estate Investment and Trading Co., Ltd., Tri Kiet Real Estate Investment and Trading Co., Ltd., Gia Phuoc Real Estate Investment and Trading Co., Ltd., Thanh Phuc Investment Co., Ltd., Long Phuoc Dien Construction and Development Co., Ltd. and Co., Ltd. MTV Hao Khang

The second is a listed Joint Stock Company with a capital contribution ratio of KDH shares of 57.31%, with Binh Chanh Construction Investment Joint Stock Company BCI.

Contact Khang Dien Sales Department: 0906.811.689

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