The Coffee King is keen to make the best coffee in Brisbane, Australia

Coffee King has just starting roasting their own beans, a bean grown at High-Altitudes in the Papua New Guinea Blue Mountains.

“Everyone who has tried our beans say that it is the best coffee they’ve ever tasted!”

The beans are an Organic Coffee bean imported by the pallet loads and roasted locally on the Gold Coast by professional Coffee Roasters who have experimented and gotten the roast perfect.

“It wasn’t until we perfected the roast and got it just right that we were confident to get the beans to market!” – Owner, Daniel Jarrett told us with enthusiasm.

“We are currently selling them as a Medium-Dark roasted bean that is perfect as a Long Black or enjoyed with Milk. I drink mine with Almond Milk and I’m not lying when I say it’s the best coffee you’ve never had!”

He’s had a few problems with Covid-19 but at the same time has welcomed the challenges.

“Covid has given us the chance to build the business slow and steady, as it has taken a long time from going through the problems and headaches dealing with importing the Coffee Beans, right through to bag suppliers not having stock to sell and supply us with! But we are ready to go now and from September, this should see us as always having plenty of stock on the shelves at all times.”

The Coffee Market in Brisbane, QLD, Australia has never been more competitive but Daniel truly believes he has the product to win over loyal fans.

“What Coffee King will be selling is a premium coffee bean, and our aim is to sell the best coffee in Brisbane! We won’t be trying to sell out or be ‘just another bean’ – We truly believe we have the product to be the best coffee you can locally acquire!”