Different Types of Oven Mitts

What are Different Types of Oven Mitts? 

Are you one of those people who simply love to spend most of his time trying out new dishes in the kitchen? Then you just need to have a couple of the best oven mitts by your side.

Since there are so many different types of oven mitts prevailing in the market, differentiating between all these types can prove to be a daunting task for the user.  

Hence, in the guide below, we have covered some best types of oven mitts. Go through the guide completely, and we assure you that you would surely receive a profound experience. 

1. Silicone: 

The type that happens to provide you with the most utility and immense value to your money is none other than silicone oven gloves

This type of oven mitt is textured in such a way that it can easily withstand the incredibly high temperature of about five hundred degrees Fahrenheit with ease.

 Though this much heat isn’t even present in your kitchen, however, the reason for mentioning this fact is that no matter how long you work with hot utensils with these oven mitts, you won’t feel even the slightest temperature on your hands. 

Lastly, they also provide users with great protection against stains and water.

Hence we are sure of the fact that you would surely receive a profound experience by going with this type of oven mitts. 

2. Cotton:


Cotton oven mitts are considered to be the most classic option you can ever get your hands on.

Cotton oven mitts are even seen as the standard oven mitt type that every kitchen fanatic should have.  

One of the reasons why people love going with this type of oven mitts is that they come in handy with a unique design, that too with an endless array of attractive colors that can make anyone fall in love with them. 

It’s super easy to clean this type of oven mitt up. All a user needs to do is through them in a dishwasher and be as good as new within seconds. 

3. Neoprene: 

Whilst the fact that there is numerous type of neoprene oven mitts present in the market lately, however, this type of oven mitt are often considered to be the upgraded version of the cotton oven mitt type. 

What counts to be the reason behind such successful demand for these neoprene oven mitt types is that it comes in handy with similar advantages that you may receive in silicone and cotton oven mitt types.  

The grip that the neoprene oven mitt provides to the user is something that is not usually offered by the other oven mitt types. 

Moreover, depending on the type of neoprene oven mitt you have got for yourself, this type happens to be easily washable as well. 

Hence, one thing is for sure, if only you give this oven mitt type a shot, you won’t regret your decision ever! 

4. Aramid:


If you are seeking the oven mitt type that provides you with the highest heat resistance and portrays incredible strength, then the Aramid type of oven mitts happens to be the type that will surely suit best with your taste and would provide you with a profound experience. 

The protection you would surely be receiving in this type would be so incredible, that you won’t ever face any kind of trouble in the kitchen when it comes to heating or handling hot utensils. 

This type is considered to be the commercial type and is hard to find in local households as they are used by either professional cooks or a chef who works at a reputable restaurant. 

5. Extra-Long Mitts;

Some people usually don’t find wearing short oven mitts safe as they think that their upper hands are exposed to the heat of the utensil. This is why they prefer going for this type of oven mitt.

As you can grasp by the name of this type, these types of oven mitts are usually long enough to cover the entire hand of the user in a profound manner.  

When it comes to heat resistance, this type usually offers the same protection level that is usually offered by silicone or cotton oven mitts.

All in all, the extra-long mitts are worth every penny! 

6. Lined Mitts: 

Lined Mitts

Similar to the extra-long oven mitt type, lined oven mitt type is featured in a variety of different materials.

As you can have the idea by their name, these are the types of the mitt that comprise a premium inner lining.

This lining is added to this oven mitt to enhance the heat resistance and protection for the user.

Other than that, this lining happens to be the reason behind the long durability and sturdy design this oven mitt comes in handy with. 

Working as an extra protection layer, this oven mitt type comprises the ability to provide immense value to the money of the user! 

7. Oven Gloves:

Like the oven mitts, some users prefer going with oven gloves as they think that oven gloves happen to provide users with more flexibility and comfort than typical kitchen oven mitts fail to provide to the users.

On the odds that you aren’t someone who is a huge fan of using traditional oven mitts then oven gloves are the thing you should go for! 

8. Pot Holders: Pot Holders

Many people don’t prefer wearing any kind of covering on their hands while picking out hot stuff from the oven.

Consider this as an act of bravery or laziness, but most people like keeping things simpler and straight. 

And potholders happen to be the best thing that they have got in this regard. In this type of oven mitt, there is simply no need to wear anything on your hand.

All you need to do is to grab these potholders, pick out your hot utensil from the oven, and keep these potholders back. This is how simple it is when you have potholders by your side! 


These are one of the finest types that you may find in oven mitts. Give any of these types a shot, and we assure you that you won’t regret your choice ever!