Best POD Vapes for 2021

Picking a pod vape can be difficult. There are so many factors to consider that it’s easy for most people just to settle on the first one they find without taking stock of their needs or preferences in full. That said, we’ve taken all the hard work out of your hands and made two lists: best vapes with pros & cons as well as an interactive ratings graph analyzing each category from battery life, vape juice capacity up until cloud size and taste!

SMOK Novo 2

SMOK listened to the feedback and has upgraded nearly everything on the SMOK Novo 2. The original Novo was a great vape but it could be tough at times, with some customers experiencing operational issues over time when using this device for an extended period of time. Nowadays they’ve made many improvements that make vaping easier than ever before! It’s still small in size like its predecessor so you can take your new favorite pod system anywhere without worrying about carrying bulkiness or extra weight because the use is much smoother now thanks to their upgrades.

Big Tasty Juiced Series

This series of juices is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite, juicy fruit flavors without having to do any slicing and dicing. With sweet-tasting varieties like Strawberry Watermelon Lemonade or Apple Raspberry Wildberry, you’re sure have a fruity good time!

The Big Tasty Juiced Series shortfill e-liquids offer authentic taste with high VG for that extra thick cloudiness in every vape hit. They come in an 70%VG concentration – which makes them ideal for sub ohm vaping – and are compatible with two 10ml nicotine booster shots per 100 ml bottle so they can be adjusted according to personal preference  roomy mouthfeel turns these into our go-to juice when it comes to flavorful vapes.

Suorin Edge

The latest pod system from the leading manufacturer of pod vapes, Suorin. After listening to feedback for their popular Air V2 and Drop products they have created a new device that has more juice capacity than its predecessors while still being lightweight at only 92 grams! This is possible because it includes two batteries in one kit which are also compatible with most other devices on the market today.

Geekvape Geek Bar Disposable Vape

The GEEK BAR Disposable Pod Device 500mAh is the perfect device for vapers who want to enjoy an entirely new experience. The crystal-clear look of this vape will have you hooked from start, and with a high voltage battery that lasts up to 575 puffs, there’s no shortage of satisfying smoke in store. Plus 2% nicotine salt juice means more intense smokes and amazing flavour guaranteed!

Vaporesso Xros

The Xros is a revolutionary vaporizer because it combines the power of pod systems with the convenience and versatility of vape pens. The most impressive feature about this device, however, cannot be matched by any other pen on our list: an adjustable airflow system that lets you tailor your vaping experience to suit every taste. Whether you’re looking for rich flavor or big clouds—or anything in-between!–you’ll find exactly what you need out there among Caliburn’s innovative line of products.”