Ronaldo teammate question, how does Ronaldo’s body smell?

Andre Silva did not think for sure, there may be such a question at the press conference!

Went to a new club, where he had his first press conference. What kind of question can it be? What do you think of coming to this club, what is his goal, what aspect of the club has attracted him the most … all this! Looking for more quick news, any journalist could have asked Silva about the Ronaldo-Messi comparison. The 25-year-old Portuguese striker has played in the Portuguese national team with Cristiano Ronaldo in his career, and has played against Lionel Messi in club football, in the Spanish league.

But not all of this, Silva had to face a strange-embarrassing question at the press conference yesterday. A journalist’s question to him, what does Cristiano Ronaldo’s body smell like, does he want to have beautiful muscles like Ronaldo’s! Two or three years after his debut in professional football five or six years ago . But after scoring 16 goals in 41 matches, he lost his way to AC Milan in 2016. He was in Milan for one year and scored 2 goals in 25 matches. From there he went on loan to Sevilla in the 2018-19 season and scored 9 goals in 28 matches. After that he went to the German club Eintracht Frankfurt and found himself again.¬†from Milan in the 2019-20 season and scored 12 goals in 25 matches, and was bought by Frankfurt the following season. Silva scored 28 goals in 32 matches! Seeing this form, RB Leipzig of Germany signed Silva for 30 million euros earlier this month. Yesterday, he was introduced to the new club, then at the press conference, Silva had to face this strange question. At the press conference of a Portuguese player, it is normal to have a lot of questions about Ronaldo. At first it was a normal question. But to the surprise of everyone in the press conference, including Silva, a journalist asked, “You know Cristiano Ronaldo very well, you were in the same dressing room.” He (Ronaldo) is a very handsome man. Do you want to be as beautiful as he is, to build muscle like him? ‘

That was enough to put Silva in an embarrassing situation. But the journalist did not stop there. From Ronaldo’s muscles came the question of Ronaldo’s body odor, ‘Is he as beautiful as he looks, is his body odor as well?’ Can you answer Silva? Despite the embarrassing situation, the Portuguese striker gave a great answer. Absolutely avoiding the embarrassing context, Ronaldo’s career dragged on with the answer, “As many titles as Cristiano has won, it would be great if one day I could win so many titles. But I believe that every human being has a different path. I just focus on going as far as I can with my best. ‘

Silva then avoided the journalist’s question with a smile, saying he wanted to imitate Ronaldo, saying, “It would be great if Cristiano could do what he did in his career.” And I will ask him to let me know by smelling his perfume. ‘