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Best Vape Pods in 2021

Pod vapes are the new trend in vaping. With hundreds of choices to choose from, it can be hard to find one that suits you best. This list will help you narrow down your search and make pick a vape pod for any occasion!

The top 5 is sorted by quality with number 1 being the highest rated so far but take note – all these products have high ratings because they’re fantastic options no matter where on this list they may appear. First up: Juul Vaporizer (5) The sleekest little vaporizer at only 4 inches tall, available in five colors including classic black or white as well as blue-topped “sour apple” flavor pods also come included with each device purchase).

SMOK Novo 2

SMOK listened to the feedback of its customers and has upgraded nearly everything on their SMOK Novo 2. This new device is now a sleek, portable vape with an improved airflow system so that it can be used by anyone no matter what tank they are using or e-liquid preference!

GeekVape GEEK BAR Pod

The GeekVape GEEK BAR Pod is one of the best vape pod. You know when you’re looking for a new vaping experience but don’t want to do the research? The GEEK BAR Disposable Pod Device is perfect. With its 500mAh high voltage battery, it has about 575 puffs in each device. It also comes with 2% of nicotine salt juice – not too little and not too much! What’s more, this vape calls attention to constant output and a prominent taste system that brings you concentrated smokes without compromising on flavour or satisfaction.

Sourin Edge

The latest pod system from the leading manufacturer of pod vapes, Suorin. After responding to feedback about their previous products and requests for a more compact design with bigger battery life, they have risen above expectations once again by introducing an Edge that offers 1.5mL vape juice capacity combined with two batteries in one kit!

Vapresso Xros

The Caliburn Killer is a pod system and vape pen hybrid. It can’t be matched in its versatility, as it has the ability to produce potent salt nic or regular vaping juice with adjustable airflow on both types of pods. The only adjustment you might need to make if you use the button for firing instead of dragging from your mouthpiece would be how high up on the device’s body you hold your finger when using this feature, but even that isn’t an issue because there are many ways to adjust air flow depending on what type of experience you’re looking for—so no matter which mode suits your needs best at any given time, they’ll all work out just fine!

SMOK Nord 2

The all-new SMOK Nord 2 is here, and it’s an amazing improvement in all areas. With its 4.5mL pods that can be filled from the side instead of top doing away with leaking worries altogether, we know you will love this new innovation just as much as we do! Designed for vapers to change coils rather than replace them entirely like many other pod systems on the market today does – minimizes waste while maximizing value too! We also got a whole lot more power under our belt with 1500mAh battery which makes us one of the most powerful vape pens out there at any given moment – perfect if your goal is massive clouds time after time without having to worry about recharging constantly when switching between flavors or coil options.