Introduction: Custom 3d mouse pad has become very popular in recent times. As recently the gaming community has been skyrocketed, and different companies are coming up with different products. A mouse pad has to be one of the most important things to buy for games. One of the tradings on a product is a Custom 3D mouse pad. Which are made by artists which are customized on their own and then printed the work of 3D oppai. This type of mouse pad is usually printed with the oppai mousepad and butt of an anime character, which will give it a realistic look. The anime mouse pad is made from the boob and the butt of different anime characters.


The material used:Oppai mousepads are made with many contrast materials like Lycra fabric, Microfiber fabrics, and also two-way material. Material like Lyrca is made from spandex which is like synthetic fabric and is unlike other synthetic fiber this one is extremely high heat resistance and is very cheaper as well. The cheapest DIppo 3doppai mouse pad is Lycra fabric. The disadvantage is that is not hard to print on. On the other hand, Mico fiber fabrics are usually light and very elastic, it has good resistance and is not easy to foam. This material is made of microfiber skin and can highlight the outline of the chest. It is very popular among mouse pads.


Lastly, there is a two-way tricot, which is a two-way surface material that is very delicate and full of elasticity. It is the best Custom mousepad material out there. The surface of this fabric is very dedicated, and the material is very elastic, which makes it water-resistant as well. The printing accuracy is also very high, and the feel of the material is very soft and slippery as well. The mouse pad is three-dimensional convex. It feels soft and comfortable and has a wrist function as well. how to make a custom 3d oppai mouse pad one might ask.

  • Open custom 3D mouse pad online tools on Diplo
  • Select the photo
  • Resize according to your need
  • Add you text
  • Make your order


Furthermore, One can be made the mouse pad with nipples or tidy as well. The site will accept all pornographic images as well. One can customize the nipple mouse pad also pectoral pad or buttocks pad as well. Due to the china policy mouse pad of other sizers are not unable to accept the female pad. We will accept male mouse pads with nipples as well. Note that if there are any updates to this policy we will post them on the site.


Last words:- You should check out our site and you will see many types of 3D mousepads also you can design one for you according to your size and the photo you want. You can also select the artist of your choice and can make them design the custom design for you.