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Why Should You Consume Indian Spices?

In case you love to stay fit and at the same time, like taste then you should not miss out on Indian spices. Yes, these amazing Indian spices have made their presence felt not just in this country but even across the world. These spices have the best of taste, flavour, goodness, healing and even tang stored for the taker.

You can easily get the best spices online and ensure that you get the spices that you require for your meals. There is not a smidgen of doubt that these spices add up a tangy flavour to different dishes. These are the spices that may even work as a guard for many of your ailments. And not to skip, you can even find out healing in the domain of these scrumptious spices. The Indian spices can make any sort of dish more delicious and digestive. Here are some spices that you cannot just avoid.

Ginger or Adrak 

This is a robust spice that has been used in Indian and diverse other Asian cuisines for centuries.  You know what, it has been even acknowledged as a healing ingredient for many digestive issues. A study has discovered its benefits linked with G.I. tract and it mentions that ginger helps move food more swiftly from the stomach into the small intestine for absorption.  You know what, you simply need to dip a slice of peeled ginger root in the cup of hot water when you feel an upset stomach. Ginger even appears to help with inflammation. So, you can give it a quick try yourself! And the powerful spice not simply makes your food a delight but even the tea.

Cardamom or Ilaayachee

Cardamom grows much wild in India, Ceylon and even that of parts of Malaysia, and has been extensively used by healers in such regions just like ginger, as a digestive aid. There has been a research that confirmed that cardamom use for gastrointestinal issues such as that of colic, diarrhoea and constipation, and even its perks for lessening blood pressure in laboratory animals. Moreover, this Cardamom adds delicious tang and flavour to every single thing from sweet potatoes to that of even pastries.  

Turmeric or Haldi 

Haldi endows the dishes a beautiful yellow shade getting it the nickname known as Indian saffron.   It might interest you further that the old time Indian and Chinese healers were in a habit of making the use the haldi for its anti-inflammatory properties, treating and healing all sorts of ailments right from menstrual pain to that of extreme toothaches. 

Similarly, present day scientists, however, are inclined towards the benefit of curcumin, the active agent that is there in haldi as a healthy antioxidant.  There have been diverse number of studies that have discovered curcumin kills the cancer cells in vitro and even lessens the size of tumours in that of animals.   You can ensure that the spice gets a beautiful yellow colour to your dish and also get you a healthier body.


To sum up, you much check out spice garden of india and get all these wonderful spices for your healthy experience. After all, it is about you and your health!