Tok stick, the best DIY Microneedling in 18k gold plated

Introduction: Tok Stick! Perfectly fit for your DIY skin care at home. Tok Stick brought to youby Laboderm Skin Care, is a microneedling skin stimulator for DIY self-care. This procedure affects the inner skin to be reproduced without harming the outer skin which is amazing. Using micro-needles which are thinner than 1/3 thickness of hair and improves overall skin condition by indulging the absorb of drugs or solutions. Self-skin care device, it’s really easy to use. You can use it alone at home, not requiring any helps from medical experts or any others.

Tok Stick Skin Stimulator: Tok Stick based on MTS (microneedle therapy system). But there is a huge difference with the roller-type or the electronic micro needling in the market. In the case of roller-type products, it’s not made for one time use only, and it is a sharp needle, when you roll it over, it harms your skin. For electronic micro needling, most of the people need numbing cream in order to use it. On the other side, Tok Stick can be absorb easily with its V-shaped line, it is painless, there wont be any blood on the face after using it. Therefore, the competitive product is also possible to be self-used by users alone. But at the same time, it’s able to see the competitive differentiated factors for Tok Stick, as shown below.


  • The thickness of needles-34G, 0.18mm VS 22G, 0.6mm: Tok Stick guarantees a sharp decline in pain intensity, which helps with the needlework. Tok Stick uses-34G, 0.18mm, which is thinner than 1/3 of a strand of hair 22G, 0.8mm so that damages of the outer skin are much less. It’s mean that the pain is relieved as the damages are reduced. Implementing thinner needles also makes up to set more needles in the particular area. As a result, the better effects of skincare are possible with less pain.
  • Prevention from Bendiness & Damages- more powerful VS bandy: The needles which are used plate extremely high-intensity stainless with pure gold, and it prevents the damage of needles including Bendiness, etc. Therefore, there is no inconvenience in use. Especially, the one that exists in competitive products.
  • Way of delivery: Tok Stick is an effective ampoule delivery system that is available with the groove oil straight V-shaped line (V-groove)on the middle of each needle which is an amazing feature. Also, V-groove is used as the path to deliver ampoules (cosmetic, solution). Therefore, it delivers the ingredients directly into the skin dermis just like mesotherapy. But you won’t feel any pain during the process since the needle is thinner than hair. It uses needles(34G, 0.18mm) that are thinner than 1/3 of a strand of hair(22G, 0.6mm). Therefore, you don’t need any numbing cream before you use it very easily. And there is no blood during the micro-needling process.
  • Better design-elegant design with portability VS medical-associated design: Tok Stick was designed to meet the visual satisfaction to obtain our targets. Who are mainly the general customers? So, all existing MTS-based products are represented by the images of medical expert devices which is amazing! However, Tok Stick has an elegant familiar design for general customers.


Last word: MTS treatment at home easily use with your cosmetics only 15 minutes once a week. The greatest 18k gold plated micro-needles whit the new V-shaped line minimum pains, but the best rejuvenation from the deep inside the skin. 18k gold plated micro-needles delivering into the skin not just absorbing from the surface. 18k gold plated micro-needles are the best delivery system.