Bed Sheet
Bed Sheet

Tips For Buying Good Bed Sheets

When it is time to buy a new set of bed sheets, the range of options is so great that it can make you dizzy. The thread count, the texture, the materials and the resistance are some of the important points to take into account. 

But how do we really know if a sheet is good? In this regard, here is what experts recommend to clear up all doubts.

– When a sheet fabric has more than 144 threads per square inch it means that it has a strong finish, and that it will be softer and more delicate. This type of fabric usually has a velvety texture.

Here’s a good tip: even if a sheet has more threads, the data can be misleading, because sometimes the manufacturing process can be manipulated by using low quality threads. It is best to buy sheets with a minimum thread count of 200 threads.

– Cotton and polyester are the materials most commonly used to make bed sheets. Bedding fabrics can be made from a mix of both or just 100% cotton. This last option is much smoother and tighter compared to those made with mixtures. In addition, they do not produce lint or static electricity.

– Another good quality material is Pima cotton. It is cheaper than Egyptian, but its medium fibers also provide softness and shine. They do not deform and are ideal for any climate.

– For people with little time to devote to housework, it is preferable to think in practical terms. For them, it is advisable to use sheets with fabrics of more than 180 threads, made of a mixture of polyester and cotton in equal proportions. They are high-quality products, which ensures a long life and they are also easy to wash, dry quickly and can be ironed easily.

These antimicrobial bed sheets are infused with natural silver and require 3x less laundry.

– The properties of cotton fabrics are many. Due to the molecular structure of this type of natural fibers, it is easier to remove moisture. The air moves easily through the fibers and that gives a more pleasant feeling.

– Type of fabric is another factor to keep in mind when choosing bed sheets. The best types of fabric are as follows: 

Percale. It is characterized by cross-linking one thread wide and one long at the time of weaving the fabric. It gives a soft texture and a matte look. 

Satin. It is woven by passing three threads at the top and one at the bottom. It is heavier, softer and shinier than percale.


The Uniqueness of Egyptian Cotton

What is the difference between common and Egyptian cotton? The answer is its quality. 

The main characteristic of Egyptian cotton is the length of its fiber, which is longer than that of common cottons.  It comes from the Nile River valley, where the humidity conditions and rich soil provide the perfect base for the longest fibers in the world to grow, which can range from 3.50 to 6cm in length (no less than twice the size of other cottons).

The selection of this type of cotton is rigorous, by combing the finest fibers. Thus, a soft, shiny, strong and durable fabric is obtained, which is then subjected to a mercerizing process to further improve the regularity of its fibers.


Mercerization is a process that consists of treating cotton fibers with sodium hydroxide.

The end result is a fabric of exceptional quality that provides maximum comfort for sleep and offers an incomparable feel. In summer they are cool and in winter they are warm, always giving a feeling of luxury and softness on the skin. Due to their texture, they are the ideal sheets for allergy sufferers or people with sensitive skin.