Can TheOneSpy Allow You To Control The PC from Android?

Can TheOneSpy Allow You To Control The PC from Android?

The kids and employees are the most common users of PCs and computers in the digital world. It is observed that kids have to take up their academic activities through the use of digital devices, as the recent Covid situation evolved. 

In the recent pandemic situation, all the dynamics of communication have transformed on 180 degrees. The kids are assigned to accomplish their academic activities over online through internet.

This excessive and justified used of internet and digital networks have posed some serious implications to the kids. The kids are falling prey to the traps of cyber criminals who look to get in touch with the kids mainly through social media, these criminals actually try to know about the secrets of the kids and then look to exploit these secrets to blackmail the kids into gaining illegitimate monetary and other benefit.

A number of pedophilic and rape attempts also find the traces into these social networks, where the criminals get in touch with the kids with the individuals having immoral intentions. 

Thus, this is needed to be addressed by the parents and the only possible way to address such issues is by using extensive monitoring controls over the kids. There is another side to the story as well, the kids using unsupervised internet are too much prone to getting involved in viewing adult and immoral content that depletes their moral and ethical standing. 

Moreover, the activities of cyber bullying and harassment impacts the overall quality of life of the kids, they start isolating themselves from the family and friends, keep on leaving the family and social gatherings, and get on the verge of developing mental and physical health issues. 

If we talk about the application and threats of using PCs and computers in the corporate fixtures and setups, it comes to our knowledge that they have vital and incisive evidence of posing ultimate convenience to its users.

In the 21st century, the more of professional operations have shifted to online networks and computers and laptops. The businesses use ERPs and other POS software programs in order to execute their day to day activities. 

But the real story gets the attention when the businesses are impacted by the likes of cyber-attacks. The cyber-attacks are pretty much on the cards because they are seen as an easy way to get monetary benefits without doing much struggle.  

The cyber criminals and hackers sets traps for the business devices that every time the business device access a certain platform, the security of the system gets compromised, paving a way to getting into business PCs and stealing and accessing confidential business and consumer information. 

Thus, after discussing all the concerns of the parents employers, we converge to a point that there should be an extensive mechanism that can actively record all the activities of the kids and employees over the PCs so that every potential threat can be negated and addressed in an efficient manner. 

The best solution that is proposed by the experts is the use of PC spy apps for logging the activities of the kids and employees during the course of their internet usage. The best solution in spying on the PC activities is the use of PC spy app. 

The best PC spy app nowadays is TheOneSpy. It has a number of promising features. Let’s discuss them. 

Website blocking feature

This feature helps employers in negating the issues of cyber attacks on the official business devices. The websites and URLs that are considered to be posing serious cyber threats to the businesses can be added to block URLs list. After blocking certain platforms, the employee will not be able for access from the target device. 

Surround recording

This feature can be used to get a vital insight into all the activities and whereabouts of the target child. The feature works by bugging the mic or front or back camera of the target pc. The pc spy app, in this way will be able to log all the activities of the target user. 


The pc spy app, TheOneSpy, can be controlled from android devices, if the end-user’s dashboard is installed on the android devices. The features and working of the app is discussed.