What’s New in Custom Journals: Trends

Like any other industry, the world of Custom Journals is not immune to any changes in trends over time. It’s a great thing because it keeps you alert and keeps your marketing fresh and in sync with the current needs of your company’s audience. If you don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place! Here are the most popular new promotions in 2018:

High tech – always a safe bet in Custom Journals

It’s always a good idea to start with what you can’t miss. In a technology driven world, technology promotion products are almost certain. These projects have been at the top of the trend in the past few years, and the demand for them ensures that they will continue to be “must haves” in the years to come. That’s because all of us have a technical side.

But when it comes to technology promotion, there is only one rule: stay away from outdated technology! Find new things that are both high-tech and practical. Here are some examples


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With the support and praise of the largest manufacturers in the market, wireless chargers are slowly but steadily becoming a common item in every home or office. That’s because they eliminate clusters created by charging cables, they have interesting designs and are easy to carry. Stay ahead of the trend and include these chargers in your promotion. For example, the ultra-thin crystal Qi Custom Journalshas a crystal clear appearance, which is very suitable for all Qi compatible devices, whether they are IOS or Android.


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The perfect gift to enliven the game. Considering that the leisure time of your employees or customers is always good, virtual reality is becoming more and more popular. Choose the classic VR equipment, let your employees enjoy the fashionable 360 degree experience. It may even come in handy when they are resting in the office.


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Drones are no longer a tool for professional filmmakers. With the development of technology, the volume of UAV becomes smaller and smaller, and the price is cheaper and cheaper. This year, they saw an unprecedented upsurge of popularity, making it a star of Custom Journals. Everyone falls in love with the unique scenes of amazing scenery every time they travel. Try the Custom Journals with Logo, which is very easy to navigate and equipped with advanced stability system.

Luxury – the fashion choice of your Custom Journals

If you are planning a marketing strategy, cheap Custom Journals should be your last consideration. Cheap, generic items like plastic Keyrings or pressure balls end up in the trash. It’s important to resonate with them by giving them something they will buy for themselves. This means that the products you offer them should be useful, more fashionable, creative, innovative and made of high quality materials. In other words, the more unique and luxurious the better.


No matter what their job and position in the company, everyone needs a work package. The best way to win employees and customers is to pick a bag that looks like it belongs to a fashion show. Kenneth Cole leather briefcase, for example, is perfect for strong men. The classic design is made of smooth Colombian leather and the iconic Kenneth Cole ®  Made of hardware and lining, it’s certainly a gift that won’t be ignored.

On the other hand, women will like to carry their designer guess dome travel bag with them every day. A computer, tablet or e-reader will fit perfectly into this luxurious wallet. This type of product is a living proof that Custom Journals far exceed the low-quality, useless goods that once defined the market.