Visual Merchandising: 10 Unique Types of Mannequins for Sale

Visual Merchandising: 10 Unique Types of Mannequins for Sale
Visual Merchandising: 10 Unique Types of Mannequins for Sale

Visual Merchandising refers to a marketing strategy that involves floor plans, displays, lightings, and the use of technology. The ultimate motive is to use different elements to draw customers’ attention in the marketplace to generate
more sales. To rely on such a technique is considered beyond magic in the retail
Good visual merchandising reflects your overall brand. Attractive displays create a
positive first impression on the shoppers. It helps them guide with the product
and encourages them to buy the right product for their need. A good display helps
customers discover new products such as a nicely suited mannequin can motivate
a person to look for a costume that he might not be looking for.
10 unique types of mannequins for sale that fulfill the need for a retail store.
These include:

  • Flesh-tone/Realistic Mannequins
  • Flesh-tone mannequins are called realistic due to their astonishing attributes such as flesh-tone texture which makes them realistic. They are made exclusively in the same dimensions as a human contains. High-end stores have more frequent use of these mannequins.

  • Abstract Mannequins

  • These mannequins are quite much popular and in use for their minimalist
    design/fine details. Their details are so much astonishing which makes them stand out from the rest. The features include fine details of nails, facial expressions, muscles, elbows, and subtle curves as a human body. In the market, abstract mannequins are available for both male and female genders. Mannequins for sale are available online abstract mannequins.

  • Headless Mannequins
  • Headless mannequins are found to be the best solution for stores with a limited
    height of ceilings. They are made for various sizes with the composition of
    fiberglass which also makes them solid and lightweight. These are used for all
    types of clothing due to their detached physical appearance.

  • Child Mannequins
  • Kids Mannequins display parents some creative ideas on how they should dress
    up their children for different occasions. These dummies are further classified by gender and type. Teenage dummies are more in demand than kid dummies and attract teenagers into fashion.

  • Sexy Mannequins
  • Sexy fashion mannequins are hyper area list of and are only used for a specific genre of the clothing industry. These are commonly used in undergarments and the “Adult” industry. Such dummies are made in both genders but, the ones made in women’s physique are in lascivious poses to capture more audiences. Sexy
    mannequins are used to made customers mood to buy some sexy apparel.

  • Flexible Mannequins
  • Flexible fashion mannequins have major applications in the sports industry where you have to give several posses to the dummies. Some might be set in yoga or some in running formation. Their indifferent posture makes them unique for sports retailers.

  • Ghost Mannequins
  • These fashion dummies are also known as invisible or photography mannequins.
    Such displays are more often used by the high-end merchandisers that only want their product to be seen. It consists of several detachable parts that make your
    product look like it’s floating. The detachable parts are the arm, hand, neck, and some parts of the torso.

  • Torso Mannequins
  • Are easily available and made up of hard synthetic materials. Torso mannequins
    are much compact and easy to move. They are made in block composition which
    is convenient to assemble. These are the efficient and inexpensive ones.

  • Dog Mannequins
  • This is not only for the retailers selling dog accessories but, used as a piece of decoration for home and office shelves. These sculptures are available for sale in different breeds, colors, and poses.

  • Clear Mannequins
  • Clear mannequins trigger shoppers’ imagination and accessorize for the complete look. It works as a silenced salesperson. The use of such dummies makes your product look more elegant. These dummies for sale are available online.

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    This almost wraps up the types and use of mannequins in visual merchandising.
    There are several more types of mannequins but, are not relevant to retail merchandising.

    We hope this clears up the concerns and be of your help when you decide to
    purchase one for your store.