This is why Skully Skullz is a THREAT to the Music Industry.

Okay, so for starters Kendrick Ke’Iran Lewis, known professionally as Skully Skullz is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Kenner, LA.
As of 2021, he has been putting this small city on the map. With only one mixtape on streaming platforms, he sets to flood platforms with new content throughout the rest of the year. I began streaming “My Soul To Take” the highly anticipated mixtape by Skully Skullz and I stumble upon a track entitled “No Sympathy”, which instantly caught my ears with the Xylophone sounds playing throughout the instrumental.
As I’m listening to the song, I think to myself “Wow this guy is IT!” Where has he been all these years? Labeling himself a threat… Been A Threat meaning that he is a threat to the industry, if you know his story you can get an idea of his reasoning behind the statemen

I have discovered that Skully Skullz has many allocations in the industry and with the right timing he can use them and gradually rise to the top of the charts. I firmly stand on my next statement when I say he is underrated. Notoriety transpired after uploading a freestyle snippet video on Instagram in late 2017, Skully Skullz received a lot of engagement from verified accounts which put him in a tier of higher sources. He has worked behind scenes with his creative direction skills for artists like Casey Veggies and major companies like Complex Magazine with works also being seen on Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood. This connection took place by a cast member of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood that opened doors for the artist Skully Skullz.

Glad I ran into his streaming content overall and hope to hear more as the summer approaches!  I also learned his deliverance and wordplay are what have him buzzing in the US. Hailing from the bottom of the map, in Kenner, Louisiana (a small suburban area outside of New Orleans.) This rapper, singer, and songwriter has embraced a latch on the industry and is set out to elevate his career this year! His passion for music transpired from his mother’s influential writings of poetry and reciting to him as early as age 6. By the age of 7, Skully Skullz was a writer, from his distinctive handwriting to his ability to write advanced stanzas in English classes. Skully Skullz has music available on most of today’s music platforms. Surprisingly this guy is still aspiring and sweeping the streets with instant bangers!

Mark my words he is next up.

Versatility, a wide range of flows, frequently fast tempos, this guy can be the outbreak of a new wave of southern rap.
His last project debuted earlier this year projecting a good start for his re-entering of the rap game after a long halt due to mental health issues, and the passing of his mother.

“F is For Farrar” is a well-known song by the artist Skully Skullz, also it being the title of the street where he grew up most of his teen years.
Farrar is located in an area known as “Trackside” and or “F Block”. Just a fun fact for the noob fans!

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