The importance of first-hand feedback for the evaluation of an institute?

The importance of first-hand feedback for the evaluation of an institute?

The pandemic has forced unwanted detours into the careers of millions. The world is stuck at home trying to employ themselves as much as possible remotely. Since the inception of the internet, this is the most dependent phase of human history. The economic and social makeup of a people during a lockdown is largely dependent on the internet. Education today is also transformed under unavoidable circumstances. Remote education is the new norm and the internet is the platform holding the beacon of knowledge up in the sky. But the internet is plagued with frauds and liars, ready to deceive and steal the hard-earned money of an individual. Gaining knowledge from the internet in a fair and square manner is indeed difficult. And the only way perhaps is to gain knowledge about first-hand experiences of former students and relevant personnel. This deeper investigation, however, should follow after a thorough investigation of the website and scrutinization of reviews and ratings.

What student’s feedback teach us?

A student of an institute has gone through all that an institute has to offer. That person will most likely know it all and can tell you all about it. While scrutinizing the website a willing candidate must try to find the contact details of former students. If not revealed on the website, online forums and groups can be tried as well. In a scenario where neither way of obtaining contacts of former students fails one should refrain from investing any money for accessing the courses on offer by the institute. Additionally, the professional standing of a student shows the kind of skills that person commands and the good efforts their institute invested in them.


What can we learn from the faculty?


Teachers are the frontline soldiers when it comes to the education industry. The generation of knowledge and the distribution is solely their responsibility. Given the willingness from the teacher’s side a discussion with someone from the faculty reveals the vision and goals of an institute and what exactly the training offers to a student. 

It is wise to study the faculty well and understand the academic achievement of every teacher before talking to them. This effort keeps the student informed and creates a worthwhile impression.


What does the background study of reviews and ratings unveil?


Fake reviews and ratings can be bought. And it is surprisingly easy to deploy them in order to misguide the potential candidate into a financial trap. Hence, a study of the reviews should be done followed by the evaluation of reviewer profiles in order to find the element of deceit.


A beacon of hope!


Hope always manages to survive. Analytixlabs is a top Indian institute known for its success and transparency. This institute flaunts a website that manages to quench all the demands of a willing candidate. A quick search with Analytixlabs student feedback leads to a perfect example of transparency. The search reveals how the institute proudly displays the contact and professional details of its students so that a potential student can have a taste of what’s on offer.