A Complete Guide To Choose Best Aluminium Glass Windows

Renovation and building projects are demanding yet fascinating ventures. An integral part of home and workplace designing is choosing the best window designs. Today, modern property owners are increasingly partnering with aluminium window providers and manufacturers. UPVC or wooden usage is getting phased out, as aluminium windows last longer and provide stellar aesthetic values.

But, many factors come into play, such as flexibility, assembly, and material, while choosing modern window designs.

Here is a checklist to keep in mind for installing the best aluminium windows and doors:

Different Types of Modern Window Designs

Casement and Tilt & Turn

Casements open outwards and are hinged on the side. They are ideal for ventilation since you can position them to maintain the airflow in your home. If you aim to enhance the ventilation, you can look for double casement or French windows.

On the other hand, tilt and turn windows give more control to the users. For instance, you can install them in areas receiving regular rainfall. The windows can be opened or closed like a standard casement window with an additional function of tilting the sash to create a slight opening. Such a feature is pivotal in maintaining air circulation and prevents water ingress. In addition, as the window is closed, you can enjoy stellar ventilation benefits during the night or when you are not present.

The slender frame and slim sightlines of the casement and tilt and turn windows allow maximum glass surface, and concealed sash offers accessibility to extensive views. Moreover, such an isometric modern window design is appealing and reflects modern aesthetics.

Sliding Glass Windows

Sliding glass windows are regarded as a timeless selection. Users primarily choose this window type as an elegant ceiling-to-floor solution. The windows improve ventilation, and the maximum glass area lets in optimum natural light.

Many architectural designers consider sliding glass windows one of the best options when selecting gorgeous windows for home projects. In addition, it also empowers homeowners and designs with other sliding window types, such as vertical sliding glass windows, stacking windows, three-panes sliding windows, and more.

As aluminium is sturdier than UPVC and wooden variants, the windows are installed with wide glass panels and showcase sleek sightlines with expansive views. Nearly all aluminium windows go through anodisation, but companies like TOSTEM INDIA add another layer of protection called TEXGUARD coating.

This patented coating mechanism can uphold the lustre for up to 40 years and prevents dust accumulation. Reputed window manufacturers also offer aluminium sliding windows with crescent locks for an enhanced security system and nano-tech rubber gaskets for superior dust, noise, and water sealing.

Fixed Glass Windows

It is what it sounds like; these windows do not open. But all interior glass masterpieces do not have to be operational. Fixed glass has a sleek, narrow frame and is ideal for situations where the view is more important than ventilation. In addition, you can also select variants like corner windows to enjoy stellar views and ensure privacy.

Bifold Windows and Doors

Bi-fold doors and windows are analogous to a concertina. This window type can be a stellar alternative to sliding windows or any other design. Bi-fold windows look like regular sliding windows, but they can be folded completely to offer more extensive entries. These windows are frequently desired for outdoor access or as a replacement for a wall that folds out of the way. Architects favour bifold designs for connecting living spaces to outdoor recreational areas as it allows them to increase the number of glass panels.

Different Types of Colours

Aluminium windows and doors do not unnecessarily absorb excessive heat like other window materials. As a result, it is possible to customise the colours and have multiple options which complement a home or workplace.

Here are the colours that users have access to with aluminium windows:

  1. Natural White
  2. Natural Black
  3. Natural Silver
  4. Ivory White
  5. Shine Grey
  6. Autumn Brown

Different Types of Glazing

  1. Double Glass: The term “double glass” refers to two glasses of glass that are locked around the edges and separated by a space for air to form a single unit.
  2. Triple Glass: Triple glass consists of three panes of glass that are locked at the edges and separated by a space for air to produce a single unit.
  3. Obscure Glass: If you require both privacy and light, the most straightforward choice is an obscure glass.
  4. Tinted or Laminated Glass: Tinted or laminated type improves the solar performance of the glass, reducing glare during the day while simultaneously enhancing privacy.

People wish to customise the glazing or glass thickness for sound insulation benefits, too. If minimising the noise levels is your top concern, it is best to partner with trustworthy companies instead of choosing windows with greater glass thickness.

For instance, TOSTEM windows are installed with precision nano-tech rubber gaskets and EPDM gaskets, which can help minimise the sound upto 25 Db with a single 6-8mm glass. As a result, you will not have to invest in various glazing options to enjoy sound insulation benefits.