UK Taxi drivers set for surge in demand according to latest research

According to newly published research from technology firm, Alfi, taxi and private hire drivers may well be set for a huge increase in passenger demand across the UK, as lockdown restrictions beging to lift.


Research was carried out by independent research company Consumer Intelligence among 1,040 adults aged 18+, weighted to details the demographic profile of the UK between June 4th-7th 2021.


Alfi, which supplies taxis with screens that can offer passengers with a wide range of important information from travel news to local and international updates, as well as revenue sharing possibilitiesbetween drivers and operators, says its study discovered that 21% of adults who filled in the survey – equal to more than 11 million people across the UK – say they intend to use taxis much more in the future than they did prior to the pandemic.


The firm say many will switch from using public transport over ongoing fears about the transmitting the virus. Around 25% of those who said they will use taxis more, say they intend to use public transport much less or not at all, with 10% saying they won’t use public transport again.


34% said they will rely on taxis more because they intend to socialise more, and say taxis are a much better option. Around 10% of those planning to utilise more taxis say it is much easier now to book them as there are far more on the roads.


Some of those who are switching to taxis more are reluctantlydoing so though –9% say they intend to do this because they believe bus services will be chopped, and 3% worry train services will be reduced further, whilst 5% say it is down to them selling their cars during the pandemic.


Kevin Buckle, VP for UK Operations, Alfi, said: “Taxi and private hire companies have really struggled during all the lockdowns along with various other transport sectors with far fewer customers travelling and the imposed restrictions on their own business methods.


“Last year, we successfully implementedour screens throughout Belfast and Miami, and received an overwhelmingly positive response from passengers and drivers alike. In particular they really liked the fact that the material on the screensis relevant to any particular location where it is featured. We are very excited tobe rolling out this technology throughout London.”


Alfistated that their digital-based tech transforms and even enhances thepassengers journey and the content published on all its tablets is designed to be engaging,informative and very relevant to passengers’ individual interests. At present, Alfi has its tablets installed in hundredsof vehicles in Northern Ireland via its partnership with Value Cabs in Belfast, alongside taxi and rideshare firms in the United States and in Brazil. It is now seeking to partner with other UK based taxi firms and operations.