Top Beneficial 5 Features Of Scan & Pay Option

The scan & pay option is one of the most preferred digital payment methods by merchants and customers worldwide. As it utilises a straightforward system, scan & pay is rapidly growing to dominate as one of the most favoured transaction methods. 

If you are reading this article, you’ve probably realised that scan & pay is everywhere and wondering why that is.

Read on to the end to find out!

What is Scan & Pay, and Why do People Favour it?

Scan and pay, also known as scan to pay, is a payment method used by merchants to accept payments from customers through QR codes. Using this option, the customer will only need to scan the provided UPI scan code, then enter the amount before tapping to authorise the transaction. After that, the funds will get transferred to the merchants’ bank account within a few seconds.

There are several things you may need to process QR code scanner payments

  • A smartphone, tablet, iPhone, or any other mobile devices with an in-built camera
  • Download and install a UPI scan code app such as Pine Labs myPlutus, Paytm UPI, LazyPay, Google Pay, etc
  • Barcode scanner for QR codes

So, how does this work?

There are three ways of accepting scan and pay payments.

1. Customer to Business

Here, the customer will use their smartphone to scan the QR code displayed at your store checkout point, i.e., on your website, individual products, etc.

2. Business to Customer

The business-to-customer scan pay is the opposite of what happens in the 1st payment option above. You (the merchant) will first calculate and confirm the totals through your GPRS card machine or POS system before scanning the QR code displayed on the customers’ screen.

3. App-to-app Transactions

These are payments between payment applications, Ie., from one UPI scan code app to another. Usually, the customer will use their app to scan your app before tapping to complete the transaction.

That said! Below are the top 5 features of scan and pay that make it so great.

Ease of Use

One of the most prominent features of scan and pay payments is their ease of use. All the customer has to do is scan the QR code, confirm the amount, and tap to complete the transaction. Just like that, the funds will instantly transfer from their account to yours. Scan and pay payments are fast and can help eliminate long queues at the checkout counter, which may lead to overcrowding in your store.


Scan and pay payment solutions are easily accessible online. That means that your customers don’t have to come to your store physically to pay for their purchases. They are free to do it at any time they want and from anywhere.

Highly Integrable

Another powerful feature of scan and pay is their ability to integrate with other payment solutions such as debit/credit cards, BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later), e-Gift cards, and loyalty programs. With the best GPRS card machine software, you can even add cryptocurrencies and any other financial instruments.

Affordability and Reliability

If you plan to implement scan and pay in your business, you don’t have to worry about the cost. These systems are easy to set up and do not require you to purchase any expensive hardware equipment. The codes are also easy to generate through the QR code generators. Other than that, scan and pay transactions are far more accurate and reliable than most payment options available.

Scan and Pay Payments are Contactless

Scan and pay transactions are contactless. They do not require any form of contact to happen. That means that your customers will not have to risk carrying huge loads of cash around or even their physical debit or credit card to transact. They only need to have a debit or credit card account.

The contactless nature of scan and pay transactions makes it a safer payment mechanism, especially; because of the pandemic. It has emerged as one of the most successful ways to prevent the deadly virus from spreading rapidly.


People don’t just love to scan and pay through QR codes for nothing; they have plenty of reasons. But these five are on top of the list.