marine engineering

Career in Marine Engineering: Scope, Courses, Colleges

Marine engineering, otherwise known as maritime engineering offers an individual to work in water transport organisations as well as in shipbuilding companies.
One can also land a job in the:

  1. Sea transport sector
  2. Naval security sector
  3. Cruise tourism sector

The marine engineers salary packages are attractive and he/she will get a lot of post-retirement benefits. Thus making a career in this sector quite attractive.

The Eligibility Criteria

A student would need to complete his or her 10th and 12th standard exams with Maths, Physics, and Chemistry as the primary subjects along with English as the primary language.

He or she would need to carry at least 60% marks in each subject and the final score in order to qualify for admission.

In order to get admission at a marine engineering college, the student would need to sit for an entrance exam.

After you clear  entrance exam, the next is physical fitness tests and a personal interview at the end.

A brief list of some of the best marine engineering colleges in India

There are a lot of colleges in India that awards a degree in marine engineering.

Some of the most notable colleges that offer marine engineering courses in India are as follows:

  • International Maritime Institute (IMI) – Noida
  • Institute of Technology & Marine Engineering (ITME) – Kolkata
  • Coimbatore Marine College (CMC) – Coimbatore
  • Academy of Maritime Education & Training (AMET University) – Chennai
  • Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies – Mumbai
  • Southern Academy of Maritime Studies – Chennai
  • Coimbatore Marine College – Coimbatore among others.

The available list of jobs in the marine engineering sector

One can be any one of the following professionals in the marine engineering sector.

It is best to pay attention to the listicle shared below for a brief overview:

  • Port Operations Manager: will be responsible for managing all the facilities a typical shipping port is equipped with. He or she would need to make sure that the health, safety and security standards of the port are up to the mark.
  • Ship Manager: These are professionals who are hired by shipping companies to manage, operate and maintain their fleet. It is a highly specialised role which means the pay scales are attractive as well!
  • Ship Operator: as the name suggests, a ship operator will be responsible for ensuring the vessel performs as it should. On top of this, they will also make sure that the ship uses routes that are fuel-efficient and quick.
  • Marine Surveyor: are technically sound and superior professionals who carry out surveys, inspections, and ship examinations. They will also assess that the ship is carrying cargo within its limits in a bid to keep accidents at bay.
  • Marine Chief Engineer: is responsible for making sure that the engine room operations are being carried out efficiently and effectively. He is also responsible for making sure that all necessary maintenance works on the ship are being carried on in time.
  • Technical Superintendent: is responsible for making sure that all necessary repair works of a ship are carried out when the vessel is docked on a port.
  • Navigation Officer: is responsible for manoeuvring the ship, making navigation decisions and carrying out critical communication sessions with the necessary individuals or apex authorities.


There is a lot of scope in the marine engineering sector. This is the reason why it is pretty hard to land a job in this sector as it is a pretty competitive one!

Hence, to ace the odds, all one would need to do is dedicate all their time to get good results from any of the aforementioned institutions and when they finally land their job, they would need to make sure that they are fulfilling their duties so that they can reach their preferred post in the marine engineering hierarchy in no time.