Dermatology EMR

The Top Cloud-Based Dermatology EMR in 2021

As you run your dermatology practice, you will need EMR to navigate the everyday workload. There are many options for dermatology EMR, but not all are suited for your needs. If you are looking for a cloud-based option, look no further! We’ve compiled all of the best dermatology EMR for you to choose from!

What Does EMR Do?

EMR, or electronic medical records, is software particular to healthcare settings. This software is notable for its main feature, which will allow you to create patient charts and records. However, that is not the extent of what an EMR can do.

The EMR is an online database that can enable you to manage a high number of patients. The software also allows you to store various kinds of patient information. This includes their history, lab results, demographic information, and even older diagnoses and notes. This can be crucial so you no longer have to rely on paper-based patient files.

The modern EMR system includes various other functions, such as patient portals and prescribing. These tools allow a practice to improve its workflow and efficiency.

The Importance of Dermatology EMR

If you want to know how specialty-specific software can have an impact, read dermatology EMR reviews. They will point out exactly the answer to the heading above. It is crucial that the software you use has an understanding of your work. This insight can help you deliver better outcomes and cut down on unnecessary workloads.

There are some key features to keep in mind when deciding on dermatology software. These include the kind of templates available, and whether the software can manage the imaging and lab requirements. Additionally, it helps if the software is familiar with specialty coding. This feature will allow you to smoothen out the process of billing for services.

The Benefits of Cloud-Based EMR

There are a lot of benefits that cloud-based software can bring to the table. One of the most notable is that implementing such an EMR is relatively easier. It does not need any complicated machinery or software to be installed. That means you can cut down on the time needed to get up and running so your profits are not impacted.

There’s more to the software. You can also cut down on costs while installing cloud-based EMR. This is because you don’t have to deal with expensive servers and additional costs. You will typically only have to pay a monthly cost to continue to access the cloud.

Cloud-based EMR is also easy to maintain. You don’t need a lot of IT knowledge to do basic tasks. You may even get away with just one IT staff member to manage any issues should they come up. Unlike onsite software, you don’t need a whole team to constantly work the software. This can also help to keep costs down.

Our Recommendations for Top Dermatology EMR Software

Here are some of our recommendations for dermatology EMR that is cloud-based. All of the software in this list are either cloud-based or has options for cloud-based software.

athenahealth EMR

athenahealth is an EMR system that can offer both cloud and onsite options. The software is a leader in healthcare technology and boasts a network of over 160,000 users. The core ideology behind athenahealth views the provision of care as an ecosystem. This system is kept in balance through innovative technology and strategies.

It also believes in a comprehensive solution for all your practice needs. This includes record management, documentation, practice management, and billing.

eClinicalWorks EMR

The eClinicalWorks tool is an integrated suite that can cover both clinical and administrative tasks. This is carried out through an EMR and practice management software. The software follows a patient through every point of care they experience at a healthcare facility. This is also a dermatology EMR that can be accessed onsite or through the cloud.

The software can adapt to a number of settings and specialties. eClinicalWorks’ network includes more than 130,000 practitioners in just the United States.

Cerner EMR

Cerner EMR is another option for a quality dermatology EMR. The software can work in a variety of settings, depending on the type and specialty area of the practice. The software includes various features that can include managing patient charts and documentation. On the administrative side, the software is also useful for practice management and billing.

With these tools, you can be sure to improve your management of patient information and clinical analysis. The software particularly caters to the collection and analysis of data.

AllScripts EMR

AllScripts EMR believes in offering clients a community of healthcare provision. The software believes that quality care comes from providers focusing on clinical initiatives. It thus serves to automate administrative and arduous tasks that can distract doctors from that purpose. The aim of AllScripts is to improve clinical workflow and provide favorable outcomes.

AllScripts is available in two types of software. One of the two options is TouchWorks, which is geared towards larger and multi-location practices. The other is Professional EHR, built for independent practice settings.


PrognoCIS is a software provider that specializes in healthcare solutions. Their target audience is practices of various sizes and specialties. The software includes an integrated EMR, a practice management tool, and a patient portal. This software is cloud-based entirely to ensure quick implementation and maximum productivity.

Some of the key features of the software include online prescriptions, signatures, and appointment scheduling.

Which Dermatology EMR Should I Choose?

As you know your practice best, you also know what you expect from your EMR software. Before choosing the right dermatology EMR, consider a few factors. For example, the software you choose should be able to work seamlessly and still deliver on outcomes. Your insight into your practice will be instrumental in deciding what software to go for.