How To Capture Dazzling Fireworks Photos With Your iphone

The pandemic has caused a lot of large celebrations to be canceled this year and no one is happy about it. However, measures have been taken in order to control the spread of the coronavirus all around the world. These measures have controlled the virus a lot all around the world. People may be able to return to large outdoor events after some time when the situation is fully under control. In such scenarios, fireworks are a part of these large events.

Normally it is considered that the best way to capture stunning photos of fibers is to own a drag board and a Bluetooth shutter release for your iPhone. Keeping in mind that the people do not happen to carry around such items there are some more steps that are explained below which will make your handheld photos amazing than you have ever imagined.

Capture Dazzling Fireworks Photos With Your iphone


You can simply turn off the flash of your smartphone. After turning off the flashlight you will see that there is a dramatic contrast between the dazzling lights and the night sky.


HDR is another amazing feature in your smartphone is it right? When you are making sure that your flash has been turned off you should look at the HDR option. HDR stands for high dynamic range and it will prompt your iPhone to take 3 pictures at once. The pictures will be like this:

A darker exposure, a lighter exposure, and a normal exposure. After that the HDR will combine all of the three into a single picture that will capture more brilliance in detail.


By locking the focus and exposure levels on your camera you will be able to concentrate more on the light from the fireworks. Right when the first bus goes off you can point your phone at it and tap and hold your finger on the burst of light. After doing this, a yellow box with the words “AE/AF Lock” appears on the screen. This log will make sure that you will not have to adjust the camera every time you want to take a picture. However if you need to adjust the exposure you can simply tap and hold the sun icon which is right next to the yellow box and move it to a setting you prefer.


After setting the focus and exposure levels on your smartphone you can shoot bursts of photos by pressing and holding down by pressing and holding down the white shutter button. After pressing the shutter button, you will end up with a lot of photos that you will have to go through later and see which image came out best. You can then delete the other photos later and hold as many as you can.

Use Focus and Exposure Lock

Using focus is really important as it lets you prepare your photos the way you want. You can talk on the subject on your iPhone screen and hold your finger there. When you see the lock, you can simply log the picture and after doing that you can set the exposure as well. When the screen is locked you can snap away without worrying about exposure and focus as it automatically adjusts.

Adjust the Exposure in times of need

After locking the focus and exposure or mother picture can turn out to be too bright or too dark. This can be changed. You can simply tap and hold the sun icon which is next to the yellow box on your phone screen and slide it up or down in order to adjust the exposure, as explained above.


If everything else fails and you have tried almost everything you can simply take video of the fireworks from start to finish and then take out pictures from your frames. The quality of the photos will be less sharp as compared to the pictures that you can take by adjusting the exposure and focus but you will most likely get amazing images.

Explained above are all the ways that you can use in order to take amazing photos from your iphone of fireworks, after we get rid of COVID.