Digital Banking Rule the Banking Sector

Online banking is a handy way for individuals to do banking from the comfort and safety of their own computer and home. Consumers may check the balance of their account at any time of day or night and examine additional account data. The transactional business of online banking has altered and influences trade in many businesses and sectors. For its benefits, Digital banking in UAE is getting popular among businesses and individuals. 

Limits Teller Transaction 

Now consumers can perform online transactions traditionally reserved for accountants within a branch of a bank. Teller transactions are declining due to the convenience of Internet users to transfer funds, deposit and withdrawals on their personal computers. “Internet banking has been the most important to displace branch transactions,” according to Bank Systems and Technology. Consumers are also able to pay bills online via their banks. 


You may do online banking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Internet-access consumers may sign up for the website of their bank at any time of day and conduct all kinds of bank activities. Unlimited access offers consumer conveniences in the event that banks are usually shut down during weekends and holidays. 


Online banking provides customers with the ease of doing Internet transactions formerly held inside a local bank branch. Consumers get free access to the internet of their bank, where they may pay bills and revised account balances. Online customers may apply from their own computer for auto loans, mortgages and credit cards and insurance. Many banking websites now give consumers the instruments of personalized investment and cash management to invest and manage their personal and small company finances. 

Criminal Activities

Online banking transactions expose personal information. Although security safeguards are in place by most financial institutions to avoid an online security violation, many Internet predators have advanced ways for intercepting transactions and stealing client information from banks. Identity theft obtains personal data using a “phishing” method. In the Federal Commercial Commission’s opinion, phishing is whenever a thief ‘sees himself as a financial institution or firm and sends spam or pop-up messages to gain you information about yours.’ 

Financial Integration 

The rise in internet banking has drawn the focus of non-traditional financial institutions. A number of banks now provide consumers with services such as prepaid credit cards, pay-day loans, business loans and check cash. Customers can also use online services comparable to those provided by banks. These financial institutions do not provide services subject to the same restrictions as regular banks and credit unions as governmental ones. 

Online Mobile Banking 

Mobile alternatives for internet banking are also increasing in popularity as smartphones. Many banks currently provide custom-tailored versions for mobile devices of their web-based banking services. Some banks even create specialized, installable apps for major Android and iPhone phone platforms. As with desktop software, the process of accessing the account and executing transactions is typically accelerated by an application pre-installed. Mobile apps frequently give even better security, requiring specific PINs, passwords or authentication questions than typically web-based applications. 


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