Wool gloves

Some characteristics of Winter Accessories you must know

The winter accessories must be impermeable. This is an essential feature for tours that involve a lot of snow and humidity. So, whether you’re going to spend the day at the hotel or visiting museums, you don’t need to worry about this function! While the inner composition of the glove must be designed with heat maintenance in mind, the outer part must ensure protection from moisture, snow, wind, and ice! After all, warming your hands will certainly not be maintained if moisture gets inside the product, right?

You will find different models of gloves with waterproof treatment! For more casual moments, a good option is leather gloves with lining, as we mentioned in the previous item. Do you enjoy snow adventures? Choose the appropriate models especially for these occasions. But, you might be asking yourself: what about the feet? Is only the proper sock enough? Invest in waterproof shoes to avoid soaking socks and feet and thus maintain your thermal comfort.


This is an important feature not only for its elegance but also for keeping warm. Best wool gloves and socks that fit perfectly on the hands and feet tend to keep you warm more efficiently and ensure the comfort you need by avoiding the hassle of crushed fingers or even the accessory moving during your activities. To ensure the perfect fit, pay attention to the product design and measurements, you need to select the correct numbering according to the measurements of your feet and hands.

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This is another important feature, especially during winter travel. The task of removing and putting on gloves every time we need to use our hands to handle cell phones or cameras can be tiring, and the effect of keeping the heat is also lost. For these moments, gloves with removable covers or touch screens are always the best options!


Below we separate what we consider ideal for each purpose of use, climate, and temperature. Our woollen gloves ladies are based on experiences and results of using tests that we have already carried out with all the products below. In this way, we will clearly and objectively present what was really most suitable for each situation.


Regardless of the destination or purpose of use, it is important that you have the right sock. The ‘normal’ socks, which everyone has in their wardrobes, are really an excellent option on days with temperatures above 20°C. But for temperatures below 20°C, with or without snow, it’s really worth betting on specific pieces for these occasions. There is only one rule: they should facilitate the process of retaining your feet’ body heat, as well as dispersing moisture and sweat.

Socks that have wool in the composition, but with a thinner weight, are the best option. They are lightweight, help maintain heat and expel moisture, in addition to being practical and resistant. You are sure to wear them for a long time and on many occasions; they are great for daily walks and also for traveling.