Restaurants in DHA Lahore

Top Restaurants in DHA Lahore where You Can Order Food Online

Lahore is a massive place, with brightly lit areas, energetic people, and, above all, food. This city is home to eateries that provide not just traditional Indian cuisine, but also continental, Chinese, and Thai cuisine. Food is embedded in the city’s history, culture, and heritage. In general, Gulberg or MM Alam Road receives the largest share of excellent restaurant suggestions in Lahore, however, DHA Lahore has pursued and matched the position as well. if you want to online food order Lahore or if you want to spend time with friends or family in Lahore, there are various fantastic cafés and restaurants to pick from. You may order a variety of cuisines, including Japanese, Chinese, Thai, seafood, fast food, barbecue, desserts, and so on. Dining at some of Lahore’s best restaurants is surely a wise decision whether you want to enjoy a night out with your family or catch up with an old friend.

These are the best restaurants in DHA Lahore that provide both Indian and international cuisine:

Johny n Jugnu        

Johny & Jugnu is a well-known local eatery in Lahore. It quickly gained popularity for its delectable wraps and burgers, and it currently offers superb burgers with a range of distinct sauces. Johny & Jugnu marketing strategy differs from that of other Lahore restaurants in that they only conduct takeaway and not dine-in, allowing them to lower their operational costs and enhance their profits. Their business approach is ideal for consumers who arrive by automobile and dine while waiting for their order. JOHNNY & JUGNU was the first restaurant in Lahore to use buzzer delivery, which uses buzzers to notify customers of their orders The sauces of Johny & Jugnu are known for being delicious and unique. Johny & Jugnu focuses on providing high-quality burgers at an affordable price. The Vehshi zinger burger and chicken tortilla wrap from Johny & Jugnu is a customer favorite. All of Johny & Jugnu’s sauces are fantastic, including the atomic sauce, chipotle sauce, Greek sauce, and garlic sauce.

Room service         

Room Service, a newly inaugurated restaurant in DHA’s Phase 1, is a unique concept. Because of their great food, service, moderate and acceptable price, everyone began to talk about the restaurant Room Service. Room Service is offering online food orders Lahore which is great for burger lovers! Their foods have a distinct and unique flavor that everyone enjoys. Their menu is brief, yet it is jam-packed with options. It is as though each meal has been meticulously chosen, tasted, and tested before being placed on the menu for consumers to order. Soups, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, a variety of gravies, stuffed chicken, various kinds of pasta, and fries, among other comfort meals, are available through Room Service.


The new X2 Pan Asian in Defence offers excellent service and cuisine. Although this DHA branch is smaller than the Gulberg restaurant and lacks the X2 Café, the X2 Pan Asian DHA branch’s flavor, value, and even service is identical to the older location. This is, without a doubt, the ideal location for a date or supper to make your crush fall hard for you. And if you do decide to take your special someone to this, one of Lahore’s greatest restaurants, start with their Dynamite Prawns and spring rolls as an appetizer, followed by the amazing Chicken with Almonds and some egg fried rice.

Café Aylanto

Café Aylanto is the center of Gulberg, and it only just opened its doors to Defense. You should have their steak or their delicious beef lasagna with a lethal layer of cheese and béchamel sauce, according to lifestyle wanderlust. The restaurant is pricey, but the decor and meal quality is well worth the money, as is the dipping sauce. Their meal, which includes Eggs Benedict, is another and the greatest type of breakfast in Lahore.

GAI’A Japanese Fusion

GAI’A Japanese Fusion is modern Japanese food, and in our view, some of the best in Lahore. Gai’a also includes two private dining rooms, a private hall, and a dining room, each with a capacity of 40 to 45 people. . Because this is a sophisticated, fine dining establishment, a smart-casual dress code is required thus, remember to dress accordingly! Gai’a’s best-selling products are Rock Shrimp Tempura, Seared Salmon Tataki, Miso Black Cod, Beef with Three Mushrooms, Gai’a Dark Chocolate Torte, and New York Cheesecake. The sushi, on the other hand, is comparable to that seen at other Lahore Japanese restaurants. Try the Udon Noodles with Duck in Oyster Sauce and Cashew Nuts, the Volcano Maki, the Spicy Tuna Maki, and the Lahore-famous dark chocolate torte.

Lahore is full of eateries, it is complicat

ed to choose the best. But in DHA, above mentioned restaurants were the best restaurants that are offering online food orders in Lahore with great taste and top quality.