Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta

7 Unmissable Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta You Should Try

Puerto Vallarta is a relaxing, beachside town off the coast of Jalisco, Mexico, that has long been popular with tourists from around the world. It is not as expensive as other Mexican resorts and is a popular destination among young people and couples. 

The city is surrounded by a green, mountainous forest, making the temperature pleasantly cool throughout the year. The best time to visit PV is between January and April when the least rainfall is expected. Also, a popular destination among young people and couples. No matter, for how long you are planning to go. This city will definitely offer its best. Just plan your trip and book alaska airlines reservations online. And save up to 40% off on round trip. Book now and get ready for your upcoming vacation to enjoy at full!

Puerto Vallarta is a resort city located on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, renowned for its stunning beaches, stylish restaurants, and vibrant nightlife scene. So, pack your bags and make your run down list where you would like to go from our list.

The Center 

You’ll find the above famous landmarks here, such as The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Isla del Rio Cuale, the Malecón, and the Arches – an outdoor amphitheater where various shows are performed daily. There are also restaurants, artisan cafes, arts and crafts markets, and designer boutiques. 

Release Turtles Between July and December

These are protected and protected from potential predators such as birds and iguanas. Dedicated and trained volunteers patrol the shore, take the female turtles back to sea and collect the eggs to bring them to a safe incubation site. When the turtle hatchlings arrive (between July and December), visitors will have the opportunity to sit at the event, which will help the babies go to sea safely. 

South Coast of Puerto Vallarta

If you’re interested in ecotourism, it’s the ideal place to explore the wilderness by horse or ATV, take a deep-sea dive, or take off from the mountains on a zip line. Unlimited list. In this area, you’ll find several beaches featuring crystalline waters and golden sands, such as Punta Negra, Las Gemelas, or Garza Blanca. 

Tsunami Jet Boat Adventure 

It’s been nicknamed the roller coaster of the sea, and for good reason, makes up to 360-degree sharp turns, braking abruptly, zooming in on the waves, and even landing its passengers completely underwater. If you fancy yourself an adrenaline junkie, or you just want to try something new, this boat ride will tick all your boxes.

Surf In Sayulita

If you’re looking for off-the-beaten-track tips, Sayulita, famous for its surfing and all-night waves, isn’t the place for you. Having said that, we still think Sayulita is worth a visit for anyone who loves to surf and even for those who have never tried it That’s because there are small businesses along the beach that rent reasonably priced surfboards or rent bodyboards that have more horizontal inclinations, and lessons among us. 

Boca De Tomatlan 

These include the Botanical Garden, the brewery where Mexican whiskey is produced, and of course the beach. If you want to experience rural Mexican culture, this is the place.

 It is like a miniature Malecon, with lounge chairs and umbrellas on its sandy banks. The water is clear and calm, ideal for swimming. 

Temple of Our Lady of Guadalupe 

The church is built in rusty-pink stone, topped with its most iconic feature; A bell tower in the shape of a crown. The temple of the patron saint of Latin America holds immense religious significance in PV and is one of the main geographical references of the city, visible from all four corners. Its construction period spanned most of the 20th century, as some complaints with the state and the church halted the work. The best time to visit is in the evening, at sunset when the orange glow of the sun bathes the church with gold.  


During the months of December through March, Puerto Vallarta welcomes a special guest: the humpback whale. If you want to see them up close, there are official whale-watching tours authorized by the Puerto Vallarta Tourist Office, which monitors the whales’ welfare at all times.  

In the Nutshell

In the end, thinking twice or thrice before making the reservations when travelling to Mexico is common. So, if you are really inspired that much and planned a family vacation, then don’t waste time and customize your North America holiday with AirlinesMap for an incredible experience!