4 Reasons to use PDF to Flipbook Converter Online

4 Reasons to use PDF to Flipbook Converter Online
4 Reasons to use PDF to Flipbook Converter Online

This article enhances your knowledge about PDF to flipbook converter online. Further, it talks about the reasons to give up PDFs.

The format of PDFs can be in graphic format or in text format. It is considered better to publish them in the format of text. The reason behind this is Google and other major search engines fail to go through the graphic content of PDFs.

You can also optimize titles, keywords, Meta descriptions, etc. to rank better. However, from the user point of view, there are very limitations with PDF files. For instance, you can’t provide them with the interactivity which they crave; there comes PDF to flipbook converter online into the picture.

A PDF to flipbook converter can provide you with the option to add videos, audios, and a plethora of other interactivity components that you just can’t embed in PDF files. Let’s talk about a few reasons why you should convert PDF files into flipbooks using a PDF to flipbook converter online.

  1. PDF files don’t have that spark

Without a doubt, PDF files do not have that spark that modern and tech-savvy people demand. They are not interesting and engaging to read. A user must conduct continual up and down tedious scrolling to read the PDF files. To be honest, this is in fact boring.

On the other hand, users can get the same experience of reading an actual book when they go through a flipbook. This is really fascinating on part of the users’ reading experience. They can spend a lot of time on your flipbook just flipping the pages forward and background. They are not going to miss that the flipping effect of the traditional paper printed publications when they read flipbooks.

  1. PDF files do not have a responsive design

We live in the world where people can’t spend a day (if not a few hours) without their smartphones. As a result, your content has to mobile friendly otherwise you can’t maximize your business reach and exposure.

The best thing about flipbook is that they provide responsive design. This simply means that the design can work fine in any device. Your readers can easily read your flipbooks on their handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets easily.

  1. PDF files do not provide stats around user engagement

We are living in a world where I reckon every marketing action has to be measured; PDF files provide you with no information around user engagement. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of PDFs.

Although you can track how many times your PDF file has been downloaded, it is simply not enough. You do need to find out which topics caught the interest of your users. Further, you need to find out which links they clicked and how much time they have spent. Fortunately, with flipbooks you can track all these important data.

This information can really help you to change and optimize your content accordingly. Further, with the help of this useful data, you can create personalized follow up.

  1. PDFs are not that simple to share

We are currently experiencing a storm of social media websites. No doubt, social sites are one of the most effective platforms to increase your readership and brand awareness. If you are not using these social platforms to your benefit, you will lag behind your competitors.

You can’t avail of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more, with PDFs. PDFs only provide the option to share via email which is just not sufficient.

Above mentioned 4 reasons are enough to convince you to transform your PDF files into wonderful flipbooks using a PDF to flipbook converter online! You should begin your free trial from a reputed software provider today.