Custom Hairspray boxes

Expert’s 6 Advice on How to Choose Hairspray Boxes for your Brand

Hairspray is a popular product. The competition in the market is intense. Many people use it to make their hair remain in place. It is used for styling hair attractively. If a brand wants their hairspray to be prominent in the market, they need to focus on creating amazing hairspray boxes. Packaging is often the first impression that you will be giving of your product. If you want to show your brand as one that cares about quality, create excellent boxes.

The following are 6 expert advice on how to select hairspray boxes for your brand:

1. Keep the product safe

A major aim of packaging is to keep the product safe. It is useless if you have an attractive box, but it is breaking. The business will be seen as one that produces low-quality products. Choose strong material for packaging which will keep the product safe.

The hairspray must arrive in perfect condition to consumers. The product is put in a container which then is placed in the box. This container needs to be kept safe from any harm and external influences. The product should not get contaminated by chemicals in packaging. High temperatures should not affect it.

Choose cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft for the packaging materials. These will keep the product safe and give a good image of your brand. The materials are also safe.

2. Attract the right customers

Custom hairspray boxes should attract those consumers who will make a purchase. You need to get these people’s attention. To be able to do this, find out who the customer base is.

Research on their age range, gender, geographical location, shopping habits, etc. Hairspray is used by males and females. It may mostly be used by teenagers and adults.

If a brand has made a product that is for men, the boxes will look masculine and attract these customers. The one for ladies can be elegant and chic.

3. Create innovative packaging

It is possible to print any design on the boxes and make them look unique. Have a look at trends in the hair spray box industry. You can get ideas from here. It will help you know what colors, designs, etc. are attracting customers.

The packaging for ladies can be artistic and outstanding. This looks unique. You can focus on having a minimalist design that keeps everything simple. This is trending. It can use the colors black and white. Boxes like these are simple yet alluring.

By looking at trends you will get an idea of what the competition is doing. It is important to follow trends but create something unique. Only when something different is done will your box stand out in front of the competition placed next to it.

The product is a beautiful one and so should look pretty. The design must be like this.

4. Informative packaging

You must tell customers all about the hairspray. They need to know about it so that they can decide whether they want to buy it or not. Find out what information customers need to know and include this precisely. Use simple and understandable words. The packaging design must not confuse in any way.

State what the product is, its quantity, ingredients, when to use by, how to use and store it, warnings, etc. If the product has any special features, include them prominently on custom hair spray boxes. It may have some special ingredients that are good for hair. The item may be dermatologically tested. You need to show shoppers why your hairspray is different than that of the competition.

5. Help increase brand awareness

It is better to create packaging that will help your brand get known. If your brand has no established presence in the market, people will not know about it. Use the boxes to increase brand awareness.

Add a company logo to your products. It helps people notice which products are from your business. The logo should be a simple and memorable one. It should be able to be easily recognized.

Include the company’s physical address, contact number, email address, social media links. These points help people know more about your business and what you sell.

6. Choose the right style box

There are many different packaging styles available. Choose the one that customers will like. With hairspray, you can consider having a window hair spray box. There will be a transparent window on the front of the box. This lets customer’s check out the product by themselves. When they get to see it, they will be more confident in wanting to buy it.

The consumers will be able to view the bottle. They can know whether the bottle is the one that they want and if it will be easy to use. When no window is added, some people may open the box to check out its bottle. This can harm packaging.

The window can be of any shape. You can make it one that matches the overall theme of the packaging design.  If you have made a beautiful bottle, customers will be attracted to buy the hairspray after checking out its look. It is possible to include a picture of the bottle on the packaging. But you run the risk of exaggerating it which is not liked by people.

The above are some tips that you can keep in mind when choosing hairspray boxes. Only when you can get the perfect ones, can they fulfill their purpose. Select good-quality material to make the box from. They will not break and will keep the hairspray safe. Know the needs of your product and consumer base when designing packaging. Only when these points are known can you create a design that will attract them. Use color wisely after looking at color psychology and the meanings of different shades.