CA Final Mock Test Series

Topmost reasons to get a pass mark in CA mock test

Taking the CA mock exam itself is meaningful, but in order to utilize the mock exam for CA exams, it is necessary to take + α efforts. Introducing how to use the CA mock exams that are effective for CA exams.

Study for the CA exam according to the mock exam

For students who are studying for the day of the CA exam, I think there are many people who feel that the road is far away. At times, some students may lose sight of their goals and fall into a slump.

A CA Final Mock Test Series can be used effectively in such cases. By targeting the mock exams that are held on a regular basis, you will be able to create a rhythm in studying for the CA exam. It is also effective for motivation because what you have studied will appear as a result of the CA Final Mock Test Series.

You can also think of the CA Final Mock Test Series as “practice for the actual exam” and use it as a practice to switch your mind and work on it, or as a practice to solve problems by considering the time allocation. Let’s devise a way of feeling to challenge the mock exam so that we can make the best use of the exam study that we have advanced according to the mock exam.

Thoroughly solve problems that could not be solved

Once you take the CA Final Mock Test Series, it doesn’t end, but it only makes sense if you review it properly. If you take a mock exam, first try to score yourself. It is important to check the questions you did not understand, compare them with the answer explanations, and solve them again to deepen your understanding.

If you have a problem that you couldn’t solve in the CA Final Mock Test Series, you can steadily improve your academic ability by reviewing the unit and preparing for the next mock exam. Model answers will be distributed for the mock exam, so it will be easier to review. Also, if you have any questions about the CA Final Mock Test Series, it is a good idea to ask the experts a question and solve it.

Make full use of the data provided

After taking the mock exam, you will receive a graded answer sheet and report card after a while.
In addition to pass / fail judgments and deviation values ​​for each subject, the CA Test Series also shows the results for each unit. By checking all of these results, you will be able to determine in detail which subject you are good at and which subject you are not good at.

The data provided will also help you to study effectively for the exam, such as incorporating studies that overcome weak subjects when studying after the mock exam. Make full use of the data provided by the mock exams and study for the exam efficiently.


The CA Final Mock Test Series for CA exams provide a variety of knowledge and results that cannot be obtained from coaching lessons alone. We recommend that students who want to improve their academic ability actively utilize it. It’s hard to come to the opportunity to take a CA Final Mock Test Series just by attending CA Foundation.