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Reasons Why is Realme phones are cheaper than other smartphone

New players are emerging into the trade with minimum technical and practical knowledge, who are competing and overthrowing the big established players in the industry. It has shown aggressive competition to the smartphone giants like Apple and Samsung, making Realme their unlikeliest rival in the current smartphone market. While most people would not even have heard the brand’s name, Realme has established its presence in the smartphone world by generating unbelievable sales in the last two years.   

The history of Realme:

Realme is a company run by a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that is only three years old now. But the company is a part of BBKElectronics Corporation that has produced many spawning brands like iQOO and popular ones like Oppo, Vivo, and OnePlus. Realme was launched as a separate company like the OnePlus and Oppo and away from the BBK company, but was given resource and economic access to Oppo. It could use Oppo’s IP (Internet Protocol), economies for buying components, and the manufacturing industry’s lines. 

OnePlus or Oppo could not appear in the top ten list of QoQ (Quarter on Quarter) shipments at all, but Relame had managed to come eighth in the list very soon after its launch. How is it possible? The following content would explain the answer.

Realme’s market base:

Sky Li is the founder of Realme (ex-Oppo protege), who executed the international smartphone business, keeping only one thing in mind: first-class value. He reduced the profit margin to enhance the product’s quality that defeated or gave heavy competition to the overly priced and premium featured smartphones. The company did not launch in China but targeted the highly prized Indian smartphone market of over a billion adults for their initial release. Realme had its eyes on a small base with key market potentials like India, parts of Europe, and South East Asia for their significant expansion process. The low prices and premium features studded in the phones were the selling point in their market base. 

The various factors that helped Realme keep their phones cheaper than other smartphones are as follows:

  • Not creating a complete product: 

Realme does not design a finished product for a smartphone but modifies a single element of an existing Oppo’s smartphone like a camera module. The Realme latest mobile called Relame X is almost similar to Oppo K3, but some changes are there in its core configuration. The costs for designing a new product are cut down, enabling the phone’s low prices.

  • Skipping some useful features/components: 

Realme might skip some rarely used components or features in the phone-making process to cut down the parts and coding costs deliberately. For example, Realme missed the FM radio in Realme 2 Pro &Realme X and Gyro sensor in Realme C series to cut costs. 

  • Less development in software:

Realme does not develop any new software for their phones but optimizes the existing Color OS (Operating System) for the drawbacks or limitations made by them in the hardware. So, the cost of spending huge money on software development is considerably cut off. 

  • Place external service provider’s applications into the phones:

Realme cuts limited costs by incorporating third-party software into the Color OS like ORoaming by Redtea Mobiles, TouchPal Keyboard, and Weather App from Accuweather.

  • Getting discounts from supplier:

As said earlier, Realme shares most of the smartphone’s components from Oppo’s phones and sometimes gets to use their factory lines. Due to the large orders of both Oppo and Realme, they could get huge discounts from the suppliers, cutting severe costs.

  • E-Commerce and digital marketing:

The company has a brilliant advantage in doing all their business and sales online. Realme need not have any sale stores in their market bases. Since the marketing is completely done online (social media, e-commerce sites, Google ads, etc.), their advertising costs and supply chain are mostly cut down in this way. 

Realme had the most innovative business strategy in mind, and they executed it with relative ease and gathered the most extensive market base in the world. 

The Chinese smartphone company sold 50 million phones in just two years, and it became a widely known brand because of its fascinating value. The typical Indian people cannot afford the high-priced iPhone or Samsung’s high-end model. So, Realme launched the premium configuration phones at affordable prices in the Indian market, which led to their astonishing earnings and sales. Realme phone under 10000 was the headline news for many users in dire need of a smartphone in these Covid times. Then, the Realme trend spread wide across the world.


Any smartphone buyer must have to cross the Realme brand at any point as it can provide the finest features at a lower price than any other smartphone company. Even the high-end smartphone’s features could be incorporated into the Realme mobiles, enabling users to receive the premium experience of the top-level smartphones.

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