Paley’s record calls for Neymar to overtake Ronaldo

I should be a little surprised to see Neymar on the field against Peru today. New haircuts again! However, the Brazilian star was seen on the ball in the same rhythm, this time in the same rhythm that Neymar has been seen since the beginning of Copa America. Doing goals, doing. The face is also smiling; This is what the supporters of yellow jersey want to see!

Neymar did not disappoint them today. He scored one more goal with Richardson. The main source of Brazil’s remaining two goals was Neymar’s cross and his great move. Neymar is the winner of the match with Brazil’s 4-0 win. The PSG star was also the ‘nucleus’ in Brazil’s 3-0 win over Venezuela in the first match.

Neymar’s face came first when Brazil won the first two matches in Copa America. The forward has scored four goals in Brazil’s last four matches. With today’s goal, Neymar overtook compatriot Ronaldo (Nazario) in the list of top scorers for Brazil in international football. He now has 6 goals in international football. “It’s an honor to be a part of Brazil’s history,” Neymar said with tears in his eyes.

He played 108 matches. And if he scores just 9 goals, he will touch the highest goal scorer in international football for Brazil. “It’s not a record, it’s just a matter of playing for Brazil,” Neymar said. “Honestly, playing for Brazil was my dream. Wanted to wear this jersey all the time. I never thought I would be able to come up here (goal list). ‘

There is controversy over the goal list of Brazilian players. Some of the statisticians have just calculated their competitive goals, while others have also added goals in friendly matches. Even the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) has created controversy, according to Reuters. At the end of the match against Peru, they said that the number of goals that Ronaldo’s friendly match added, Neymar also surpassed. FIFA tweeted that Neymar is now the 20th highest goalscorer in international football. But they did not reveal the number of goals or who is above him.

Everyone thinks that Neymar will surpass the three-time World Cup-winning legend Pel’s goal record. Hoping to see the Brazilian star at the top, Pelলে wrote on Instagram, ‘Today (Bangladesh time in the morning) he went one step further towards touching my goal record. I look forward to seeing him there, with the same joy when I see him play for the first time. ‘


The controversy over Neymar is not less. In 2019, he was accused of rape. The court later dismissed the allegation. Last month, Nike canceled a sponsorship deal with him over allegations of sexual harassment against one of their employees. Neymar said he enjoyed going through these difficult times just by representing the country, “I have gone through a lot in the last two years. Had a hard time. But these (goal) numbers are nothing compared to the joy of representing the country and the family.’