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Things to Consider When Selecting the Kitchen Tap in London

As one of the essential features in your abode, selecting the right kitchen tap is an important decision. So, you must not take it lightly. But with several kitchen taps available in the market, picking the best tap for your cooking area can be challenging.

However, you need to ensure that they suit the style of your kitchen interior and also offer the much-needed functionality. With all this in mind, here are some important tips to help you choose the best kitchen tap.

1. Needs of Your Family

Begin with understanding the requirements of your family. Do you have grandparents or kids at your home? Does anyone have special needs? If so, usability and safety are of utmost importance. The colour and shape of the tap may make it convenient to use for people with small hands, reduced eyesight or less developed motor skills.

You can even look for kitchen taps London with an easy-grip lever and eco-button. These taps not just limit the water flow for sustainability but also help avoid scalding – a major concern for many families. Some taps are designed for elders so that they know the clear hot and cold markings on the faucet.

The touchless or automatic taps are also a good choice for both elderly and children. For, they prevent germs on the tap controls. It further improves the hygiene in a home and keeps your family members safe.

2. Location of Tap

When installing a tap in a kitchen, you need to decide where exactly you’re supposed to install it. It could be near a window, under the cabinets or in the middle of the kitchen. You also need to consider how big or small pots/pans you are likely to wash. If you have more large pots, you need a higher spout.

Also, consider the space above and behind the sink. It will help you decide the exact height and type of kitchen tap you need.

3. Kitchen Tap Size

You need to take a measuring tape to get the numbers tight. It is easier to pick the right tap if you know how much space is available for its installation. It means you must know how deep and wide your sink is. Any tap you purchase must have a high enough spout to help you wash the dishes in your home.

If you want a deck-mounted tap, you need to know the available room behind the sink for tap installation. Install the wall-mounted tap with the spout expanding over the sink’s centre after figuring out the available space between the wall and the interior edge of your sink. For this, you even have to compare your sink measurements to faucet size. It will help you narrow down your tap selection.

Also, measure the worktop behind the sink. Plus, you have to determine the diameter of pre-drilled holes, along with the distance between their centres. You must know the depth and width of the sink too because you need to be aware of the available space between the faucet and the wall for articulating the tap levers and handles seamlessly.

4. Type of Sink

When choosing a kitchen tap, you need to choose it with your sink. If you are replacing an old tap, you need to consider the type of sink you have. See whether you have the sink on the countertop or it is integrated into the worktop. Or, is it fixed to the wall? No matter what sink type you have, the important thing to keep in mind is to balance a faucet’s proportion to your sink.

A wall-mounted tap can be a good choice for vessel stainless steel kitchen sinks. It provides the right installation conditions on the wall. If your sink is integrated, you are open to more tap options with shorter bodies.

You even need to consider the space between the wall and the faucet hole. You have to pick a tap that limits the turning angle so that there are no limitations while controlling the tap.

5. Budget

Contrary to your belief that smart kitchen taps are expensive, these are available at various price points. If you offset water savings, the price comes down, as it reduces your water bills.

Also, figure out your budget before purchasing the kitchen tap. Determine whether you are searching for a low-budget option, premium option or mid-range one. There are various options in different categories. Knowing what you want can help you search for the right piece for your kitchen.


We understand that it’s overwhelming to choose the right kitchen tap out of a wide range of options available in the market. But if you know what you want for your cooking space, it could be easier to make the decision.

Whether you are remodelling your kitchen or just replacing an old tap, you need to consider these aspects to find the best option. By determining these factors, you can surely choose the right kitchen tap that meets all your requirements.