Compression test equipment

Compression Testing Equipment: Uses And Benefits

You know compression testing is among the necessary tests used to attain an efficient protective packaging custom-made to the kind of goods to be transported.  Such a type of test is usually used to determine how a material behaves or replies to compression forces. It can get used to decide the resistance to compression, the elastic limit and even the resistance to tears, among other types of parameters. 

You know Compression test equipment is really effective and useful when it comes to all this. In addition to the information and data obtained from the test and the values linked with the package, it is possible to decide if the material is suitable or if it will fail under the particular strains. This information is much valuable during the package design phase, as well as even during its validation phase. Usually , compression testing is performed by applying a compression pressure on the sample getting tested through the use of a compress meter. Choosing the correct compression testing machine is therefore necessary for this type of testing. 

What really is a compression testing machine?

A compression testing machine is a type of testing machine particularly designed to evaluate the resistance of materials and even products to compression forces. There are the tools that are composed of several Compression Tester models used to perform different compression tests, as well as creep performance tests on things like that of shipping containers, pallets and even that of load units.

This system permits for the performance of proprietary tests and even for compliance with the ASTM, ISTA and even ISO 8611 international standards, since the accessories that are needed to perform those tests may be included.

In order to perform the tests, the sample is kept on the base of the compress meter and the compression plate moves till it touches the sample, applying the compression forces specified by the professional technician. Meanwhile, the machine measures the displacement of the compression platen by means of a linear encoder with micrometric precision, and even the force with a load cell.

The Uses 

A compression testing machine can be employed to access essential information to decide if a product package system is ready for release to that of the real-world distribution cycle. Moreover, compressive testing is characteristically applied to materials such as plastics, ceramics, metals, or corrugated cardboard since their capability to withstand these forces are going to be necessary during shipping, handling and even that of overall storage.

In the case of packaging, it gets tested against the characteristic compression forces of the distribution cycle. One example is the proper implementation of these testing methods to corrugated boxes that are going to be stacked or piled up during storage or transportation. Moreover, compression testing can get implemented to obtain two types of outcomes like  to achieve the maximum confrontation to compression:

This involves using a compression testing machine to obtain the value at which the system starts to fail. In the case of the more fragile materials, this happens when the product breaks. 


To sum up,  you can make the most of compression set apparatus if you give it a try. You would get both results and effectivity in your working.