Beauty Salon Business

How to Start a Beauty Salon Business in Dubai

A well-cared look and a neat haircut are the essential features of a modern-day member of society. In the existing era, many traders understand that this interest can be a basis for a successful enterprise that is starting a beauty salon. This service is high on demand no matter what geographical location the enterprise is set in.

The United Arab Emirates is not invisible to this because the beauty industry is the most sought-after market niche, particularly in Dubai. Deciding to open a beauty salon in Dubai may be an excellent concept as there usually might be a demand for this service. With a high standard of dwelling and a disposable personal income, human beings prioritize their personal hygiene and subsequently take great care in their appears and as a result salon enterprise does extremely well withinside the city. Are you interested knowing the formation of a company then search Business setup consultants in Dubai and get more details.

The method to Start a Beauty Salon in Dubai

Dubai Mainland is the most suitable choice to begin your salon enterprise in Dubai because the Mainland business will create extra enterprise possibilities in assessment to a free area enterprise setup. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the regulatory framework for all types of businesses in Dubai Mainland and their steps include:

  1. The first step is to post the passport copies of the companions who’re making an investment withinside the enterprise
  2. With the passport copies, they ought to additionally submit the visa copies of all of the partners
  3. Next, you could determine the name of your beauty salon
  4. Submit the name to the DED to get it approved
  5. After the initial approval from the Department of Economic Development draft and sign the Memorandum of Association or a Local Service Agent
  6. Rent a salon shop according to the desired infrastructure and make an agreement with the tenant
  7. Get the tenancy agreement at the side of the Ejari number
  8. Get approval from the Planning Section of the Dubai Municipality
  9. Get approval from the Health and Safety Division of the Dubai Municipality
  10. Submit all the above documents and get the desired license from the DED

It requires about 2-4 weeks to get all of the above steps performed. Once you get the license approval from the DED, you’re good to begin your beauty salon in Dubai.

Types of Beauty Salon License in Dubai

There are essentially types of beauty salon licenses in Dubai. They are:

  • Women’s Salon License
  • Men’s Salon License

A women’s beauty salon or ladies’ salon in Dubai is certified for beautification and hair care. Haircare can encompass hair washing, trimming, setting coloring, straightening, waving, hair fixing, and henna services. And beauty treatments can encompass makeup, pores, and skin cleansing. They also are allowed to carry out skin hair removal, facial aesthetic; foot care, nail manicures, and treatment.

A men’s beauty salon license in Dubai is certified to perform hairdressing and other beautification treatments, hair care consists of trimming, cutting, weaving, dyeing, straightening, hair setting up, and supporting hair strength. While, beauty treatments include skin purification, hair removal of pores and skin, foot care, and facial aesthetic.

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Beauty Salon Requirements in Dubai

  • The planning department of Dubai Municipality has to approve the area of the beauty parlor in Dubai
  • There have to be a Signboard located in the front of the beauty salon
  • The lighting fixtures used withinside the salon have to be sufficient and the furniture used have to be clean and proper
  • As a long way as dressing chairs are concerned, they should meet the specific length of 3.0m wide x 3.5m length and strictly have to now no longer be much less than that
  • The height among the ceiling and the floor of the splendor salon has to be extra than 2.30m
  • There has to be a separate area specified for beauty treatments like a pedicure, manicure, hair removing, and henna designing. The size of every such area has to be extra than 2.50m x 1.50m with a proper partition
  • There have to be a washbasin close to the area for facial treatments
  • Fireproof substances have to be made use of for preparation area for hair removing materials
  • The beauty salon has to always have a water heater in place
  • There have to be cupboards and drawers to preserve cosmetics and towels

Why Start a Beauty Salon in Dubai?

If you’ve got quite a long time notion over company formation in Dubai and are interested in the salon business then that is the proper time on the way to go in advance together along with your plan. The UAE’s loyal National Policy closer to the foreign marketers and numerous company benefits might be a pleasing addition to your enterprise. Not simply this, the offerings presented by a beauty salon in Dubai are usually in high demand and you could additionally set up a variety of supplementary services consisting of training and makeup courses.

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