dead body freezer box on hire in Bangalore

Why Will You Need The Dead Body Freezers?

Death is inescapable, and hence everybody has to die one or the other day, and this is the grim yet realistic picture of all life forms existing on planet Earth. If any of the loved ones are deceased, the life of the other family members seems to be a tragedy, yet life goes on, and one cannot end their own life as per their wish. It is of utmost necessity to complete the final rites with proper rituals to release the deceased’s soul from the materialistic world in almost all religions. 

 The family of the dead one is already in utter shock because of the sudden demise of the beloved one. Many organizations have taken the initiative to arrange for the final rites and rituals, charging nominal charges for all the formalities done until the last date, including one of the essential machines for the departed’s body – a deep freezer for the dead body. These days arranging funeral services in metropolitan cities like Banglore is less painful. One can easily search online for dead body freezer box on hire in Bangalore and other cities all over India. 

In some religions, the funeral is conducted by the son/brother of the deceased one. In many cases, they live far away from their family, and at the time of sudden demise, they are unable to return on time, resulting in long waits. The responsible person takes a long time to reach and perform the final rites on time. In that case, the dead body can’t be kept outside as it can be a storehouse of fungus and bacteria. It can’t be left to decompose on its own; meanwhile, the importance of a deep freeze becomes apparent. 

 These dead body deep freezers are often found in the mortuary in the hospitals where the dead bodies can’t be released until the postmortem is done and all the legal duties are performed in due cours. Also, nwadays, these can easily be found in our neighboring temples, NGOs, railway stations, and other public places for the convenience of the local people. 

 These refrigerators can keep the body for both long and short duration and need to be connected with an electricity supply. The temperature inside the freezer varies from -15 to 25 degrees which helps the body get rid of decomposition. The freezer glass is usually toughened to avoid any foul smell from the body being released into the environment. It keeps the body fresh till the body is taken to the burial place or for the cremation ceremony. The refrigeration cabinet is double layered to prevent any foul smell from emitting out of the box. It also has a temperature control system inside to change and regulate the temperature according to the requirements of the dead body and the weather conditions nearby. 

 The family need not worry about hiring or arranging freezer boxes when they are in grief; instead, they can hire any funeral service provider, who then arrange or send a freezer to the place where the dead body is kept. A green body is prevalent because it does not emit any chemicals, unlike other body preservation methods. The people working in the mortuary are not at risk of becoming ill due to the frozen bodies. If you are looking to book dead body freezer box in Bangalore, you can find many good options online.